Understand Transcranial magnetic stimulation and how it is given

Understand Transcranial magnetic stimulation and how it is given

TMS therapy is a treatment that doesn’t involve any type of invasive treatments. But this treatment stimulates the nerve cells by using some types of vibrations. These vibrations are nothing but electromagnetic vibrations and when these are administered to peopleat neuroCare, they show improvement in their mental fitness and their signs of neurologic problems shown improvement.

 TMS is generally used to treat people who are so awful, and sad and who feel depressed all the time. This is the best treatment for people who suffer from depression and in them when medication like antidepressants doesn’t work. For few people along with medication, psychotherapy is given but even then their depression has got no solution, in such people this TMS therapy works.

This therapy even helps in treating disorders like tensions and Parkinson’s disease..

As TMS utilizes repetitive electrical stimuli it can also be known as repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation.

TMS therapy is not an inpatient procedure and this therapy doesn’t require any hospitalisation. The person needs to just visit the clinic or hospital and take the treatment and go back home. This treatment is generally given by a technician or the physician available over there in that particular department.

The person while taking the therapy should not wear metal items on their body like chains bangles etc…

How TMS therapy is given

  • the first patient should sit and the technician concerned with the patient’s therapy will come and take measurements of the patient’s head. These measurements will tell him where to keep the vibratory machine over the patient’s head. Patients need not worry as the patient can visualize every step in the therapy with his own eyes and the patient won’t be given any type of anaesthesia need not worry.
  • The coil used in the treatment is placed in the patients head, in the position where earlier measurements are taken. Now after placing the coil in the correct place in the brain, the treatment starts.
  • The technician generally keeps cotton or earplugs in his ears so that sounds which occur during therapy would be a little reduced for him. The patient wont need general anaesthesia and patient will be awake throughout the treatment; generally, it takes about one hour and sometimes less than that.
  • The patient may feel some tapping on the head in the area of treatment and the patient can hear sounds due to the magnetic stimuli.

Along with the patient, there is no need for an assistant as the patient after therapy can move here and there easily and on their own.

TMS treatment is helpful for many individuals like people with depression, anxiety, suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder, as a rehabilitative treatment for patients with stroke, stress after accidents, etc.

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