Infertility is a worldwide problem.  Approximately 20% of couples are having this trouble. This is mainly due to poor quality of sperm in male and reduced amount of egg production in ovary. In order to cure this problem, there are two major treatments available. They are in vitro fertilization and intra cytoplasmic sperm injection which are simply called as ivf and icsi treatment.

In vitiro fertilization treatment (ivf) :

In this process egg is taken from woman’s ovary and it is allowed to undergo fertilization with their partner’s sperm under special monitoring facility. Once the fertilization process gets over, fertilized egg will be placed back to the woman’s womb to grow.


Normally doctors would prepare their patient for ivf treatment by using two drugs. One is to stimulate their ovaries another one is to stop pituitary gland. This is one of the ways to cure infertility.

Intra cytoplasmic sperm injection treatment (icsi):

It is a technique which is used to fertilize an egg by micro injecting sperms. 60 to 70 % fertilization is done through this treatment. After collecting the eggs, only a matured form of eggs are allowed to fertilize with sperm. The entire process is carried out with help of experts. The whole process will be reviewed regularly with the help of microscopes. Then the fertilized egg will be injected back to woman’s womb.

 These two treatments are the best way to cure fertility problem which gives the boon of motherhood called pregnancy.

 With the help of these treatments maximum rate of artificial pregnancy is possible.