Are you experiencing foot, ankle, or leg pain lately? If you are then you might need to see a podiatrist, especially if you are injured or have been in an accident. Having sore feet can ruin your day. It will restrict you from doing your daily activities. So if you are in doubt whether you need a podiatrist or not, this article is definitely for you.

Podiatrist – Who Are They?

Podiatrists are doctors of podiatric medicine and/or surgeons who specialize in the treatment of your feet, ankle or other parts of your leg. Before you start looking for the best podiatrist in Melbourne, it is important that you learn more about how a podiatrist can help with your foot issues and how this can also benefit your overall health.

These doctors are foot health experts who have the education, training, and experience in preventing, diagnosing, providing treatment, as well as rehabilitating different medical and surgical conditions involving your feet and lower limbs. These conditions are usually caused by health issues like diabetes, arthritis, or stress fractures.

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Reasons Why You Need To See A Podiatrist

Always remember that our feet hold a quarter of the total bones in our body. This is why they are the most vulnerable body part to injury and different diseases that can also affect our entire body. What your podiatrist do is to examine your foot but will still carry out a biometric assessment in order to determine if your gait is affecting the other parts of your body.

Your podiatrist knows your body structure and the movement of your foot and lower limbs. This means that they can diagnose what kind of foot condition are you suffering from, identify your overall health conditions associated with your foot and lower limb symptoms, and will also recommend the proper treatment plans that are appropriate for your condition.

How Soon Should You See A Podiatrist

Sometimes pain can be tolerable. We have to admit that every time we experience pain we tend to self medicate. But there will be instances where these pills will only give us temporary relief. It does not really treat the cause of the problem. If you have been experiencing pain for some time, or if you are suffering from ingrown and discoloration of your skin or nails, or maybe you have corns, foot odor, skin rashes, or other foot injuries caused by your health condition, then you should see a podiatrist right away.

There are also other conditions that you need to seek help from a podiatrist. Incidents like injuries such as tripping or falling that cause pain in our feet, ankles or legs, or perhaps you have problems fitting in your regular shoe size because of swelling or lumps on your feet. You should not try to treat your foot and leg pain on your own. Seek medical help and this is what a podiatrist can provide you.

If you have been wondering and asking yourself “Is there a foot care clinic near me?”, then you should consider finding a good podiatrist in Melbourne. Never take your foot or leg pain for granted. It can be caused by an underlying health problem that you are not aware of. See a podiatrist as soon as possible.