Top 5 Tips for Clear Skin

Top 5 Tips for Clear Skin

Top 5 Tips for Clear Skin

Acne is not a serious health issue, but it lowers your self-esteem. This inflammatory skin problem is experienced between the ages of 12 and 24 and brought about by bacterial infection, plugging of your hair follicles, and hormonal fluctuations that cause excess oil in your body. Also, environment and genetics play a significant role, but you ought to worry not since Jeuveau in New York work best in improving your look so you can enjoy healthy skin. Besides, here are fantastic tips that will help banish your blemishes when they appear.

Use Water-Based, Oil-Free Makeup

There are various makeup products that all go beyond covering up your blemishes, giving a good look, but it would be best if you were careful of your makeup option because you might end up worsening your breakouts. For example, heavy and greasy products with cocoa butter, cream, or mineral oil can cause acne to break out. Suppose you prefer using sunscreen and lotion; make sure your makeup is water-based, non-comedogenic, oil-free, and hypoallergenic. Also, mineral-based products with titanium, zinc oxide, and silica will help absorb oil in your skin and minimize redness.

Make Cleaning of Your Face a Habit

Always wash your face at least twice a day with an over-the-counter face wash that has benzoyl peroxide.  This habit will help you reduce inflammation and kill all bacteria present, preventing you from acne formation. Also, permanently remove all your makeup and dirt to prevent them from getting built-up and clogging your pores. But if you observe any effect of benzoyl peroxide like rash, stop using it.

Wash Your Face Immediately After Working Out

Sweat tends to be sticky, and when this happens to your face, you regret it as it contains acne-causing bacteria. It would help if you shower or wash your face as soon as you are done with your everyday workout or activities. If it is for chest and back acne, try using benzoyl peroxide wash while in the shower and stick with a white towel since it acts as a bleaching agent not to mess up with your linens.

Take Care of Your Hair

If you have oily hair, you should not ignore that because styling your hair may lead to the breakout of acne on your forehead. All you need to do is wash your oily hair more often and keep it off your face. Besides, headbands that cover your forehead and some hair products like gels and pomades might encourage acne break out, and you should consider avoiding them.

Eat Healthily

There is no scientific proof that greasy foods and chocolate aggravate acne. Still, dermatologists say that when you consume fewer carbohydrates and sugars, you will end up decreasing your breakouts. It would be wise to keep your food diary to determine whether specific foods trigger your acne breakout so that you may avoid them. However, it is advisable for you to eat a balanced diet always to help curb such issues and give you clearer skin for good.

Your efforts may fail at times, and all you need is a dermatologist to help you control your acne and shut down the inflammation. The good news is that Lumos Dermatology has many treatment options that can help you get the best results. Contact them today to get the help you need!

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