Expanders have become one of the most orthodontic treatments recently, and many people are turning to them to prevent oral complications and improve overall oral health. Robert J. Lopatkin, an orthodontist at Advanced Digital Orthodontics, offers Expanders in Roslyn to manage a crossbite or a narrow upper jaw. However, the treatment option can also be recommended to handle various common dental complications, particularly alignment issues. Many exciting benefits are experienced when using this treatment, and here are some of them. Have a look.

Promotes the Natural Process of Upper Jaw Expansion

Using expanders, particularly for your children, can augment their upper jaw until the age of 14 or 15, when the mid palatal suture is almost permanently fusing. This midpoint between the right and left halves is expanded slowly and gently to create new bone tissues within the area. This makes the upper jaw wider, unlike without the expander. The entire process is stimulated by the natural processes around a child’s growth.

The Expansion Process is Comfortable

When using the expanders, they will be activated daily, and the expansion occurs at a rate of about 0.2 millimeters a day. This makes the process slow with minor discomfort. As a result, many children barely notice the changes happening in their jaw as the palate expands to the anticipated width. Generally, the process takes about 3-6 weeks with daily activation to achieve the desired jaw width. At the end of the duration, it becomes possible to undergo any additional treatment successfully.

It Simplifies and Enhances Other Treatments

During your expansion process, your provider will demand a regular and frequent checkup to monitor your progress. You may require orthodontic visits every week or two weeks to help your provider carefully follow your process and halt the treatment once the required width is attained. However, the expander is left in the mouth for about six months to allow the bone to fuse naturally, and it becomes solid and stable. This makes it ready for the next part of your orthodontic treatment helping your provider proceed easily.

The Expander Can Correct Various Issues

It is not often to find a solution that can address several issues altogether. But with an expander, you can manage posterior crossbites, lower jaw asymmetry, and crowding. These complications can affect your child’s ability to bite and chew and cause permanent asymmetry alongside other complications such as temporomandibular joint syndrome. But when an expander creates a better balance between the upper and the lower jaws, it not only improves these issues but also gives your child an aesthetically appealing smile.

It Makes Breathing Easier

Many patients who use expanders report that breathing through the nose becomes easier. When the upper palate is expanding, it also raises the nasal airway, hence the improved breathing. However, this is not a predictable outcome, but it is a possibility. Studies suggest that for those who breathe through the mouth, snore, or are suffering from sleep apnea due to a narrow upper jaw, the use of an expander can make a significant difference over time.

Learn if you or your child can benefit from expanders by contacting Dr. Lopatkin at Advanced Digital Orthodontics. Dr. Lopatkin will help you understand the treatment process and what you can expect during the consultation appointment.