A Women health is very important during pregnancy. The good health of a mother is essential to the good health of her baby. It is most recommended to eat healthy food and to do some physical exercises everyday along with regular prenatal care. This will increases the chance of giving birth to a well-developed baby.

You must ask for the nutrients to your doctor or nurse. It is directly proportional to good fetal brain development and further more decreases the risk of any birth defects. A balanced diet reduces the risk of any diseases which are more common in pregnancy like gastric problem and morning sickness. There are nutrients like protein, vitamin C, and calcium etc.


During pregnancy, the food has to be consumed from each food group every day. You should not be worried about your weight as it has been observed many women do not eat much because they think they will be so fat. It is necessary to maintain the weight in pregnancy but according to your initial weight. Discuss and monitor your weight with your doctor. It can be different for multiple pregnancies, so get a check-up.

Food to avoid

There are various things which have to be avoided in pregnancy. Make sure all the dairy products like milk and cheese are pasteurized. Don’t eat half-baked bread. Avoid all kinds of seafood or refrigerated food and poultry. Get a proper list of food that you should eat and what you should avoid. You can also search the internet in this case. You should also check the list of harmful drugs while pregnant.


Most of the nutrients include vitamin and this prenatal vitamin is very important. Pregnant women are advised to plan nutrient-filled meals every day but a vitamin supplement provides the complete nutrition for fetus development. Vitamin B is one of the most important vitamins for pregnant ladies and almost all the prenatal vitamins consist of one milligram of folic acid but before any vitamin eating, consulting a doctor is always recommended.

Physical Exercise

Here exercise does not mean any heavy exercise, just some lite exercises for only 30 minutes daily. It will provide you muscle strength and increase the blood circulation. Talk to your gym trainer before starting any exercise. If you are feeling more fatigue, tell your doctor and it is possible that doctor would suggest to not to do exercise as it is possible in some cases but some most preferred exercises are walking, jogging, and swimming that improves heart and lung performance as well as joint activity. Ask for the special exercises for the pregnant women.

Cutting out your routine habits

Here simply, habits mean bad habits. You have to leave all your bad habits like smoking and drinking. This can be really very harmful to you and your baby. This can cause premature delivery, vaginal bleeding, and stillbirth etc. Science has strictly said to forbid these things as it can cause various fatal complications. Alcohol directly enters into the streamline of baby whereas smoking affects the transmission of oxygen to the baby. Choose good lifestyle and choose best pregnant care drug as obviously you don’t want to compromise in this case.