Several colleges have started a course to help students get their desired degree in massage therapy . They have started the massage therapy school .The course consists of a five months schedule with a 65 marks credits .The courses are designed keeping in mind the government protocol of the 1000 hours of class time including lectures and laboratory classes . These courses are combined with onsite internship and off campus externship to help the students to gain the required amount of knowledge for working in the actual sphere and for preparing themselves for the license examination . These courses are known to combine the traditional practices of education with the concept of professional training and a first hand experience .The courses are conducted according to the government verified semester system . These courses are well designed in a way so as to satisfy the employer’s need for a properly trained individual who can serve the purpose well with perfection and knowledge . These courses may include extensive class hours but the institutions acknowledge that the students might have several other responsibilities and commitments outside the space of the classroom . Keeping that into account the academy tries to stick to the prescribed work hours and seldom does call for extra hours of classes .


Things that are in store for you

  • The massage therapy school provide courses on the Swedish Massage. They are performed to give relaxation . The massage intends to relax the heart muscles and reliefs it from the muscle tension by improving the blood circulation in the body along with the increased range of motions .
  • The Siatshu Massage works on the foundations of the pressure point massage motives .This technique is a native of Japan which uses the methods of pressure and stretching to help the body to reduce pressure and fatigue .It decreases the muscle stiffness and improves the stamina of the body .
  • To gain a better relief for the deeper tissue structures and muscles the deep tissue massage is very important . This massage is also known to relief the connective tissues . It has some similarities with the Swedish massage techniques . It is an intense massage therapy used to remove muscle pains and knots .
  • The athletes are much in favor of the sports massage . It helps to relieve pain and cure muscle stiffness .It is known to help in muscle rehabilitation .

Achievements on undertaking these courses

  • The United States Department of Labor Statistics of the year 2011- 2012states that the average wage of a massage therapist is $ 34,900 in the month of May 2010 , whose growth is expected to be more than the average rate of 20% within 2010 to 2020 .
  • The massage therapists have several venues to work at such as the hospitals , nursing homes ,vacation resorts , cruise ships ,corporate offices and hotels .
  • Having a license enables the n to work with physicians in the clinical practice , physical therapists , psychologists , chiropractors and acupuncturists .

These massage therapy schools offer these courses like a degree course .These are certificate courses also available in the online distance learning setting . But to get a proper laboratory practice  one needs to opt for the regular classroom course .