The Pros And Cons Of Ivf Treatment That Every Couple Should Know

The Pros And Cons Of Ivf Treatment That Every Couple Should Know

The Pros And Cons Of Ivf Treatment That Every Couple Should Know

Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed to have a baby that easy, a lot of couples actually are facing fertility issues that come with a lot of hard decisions to make when it comes to the type of treatment they should be undergoing which is suitable also for their current situation.

For a lot of couples out there, the choices are limited sadly to say, but it depends on various factors and reasons for their infertility, their age can also be a factor or the procedure they are working on, while there are other couples that are presented with many choices.

On average, couples assuming the female has open tubes, and producing egg cells as her partner have very suitable semen sample, will usually star their much-awaited fertility journey by using a state-of-the-art artificial intrauterine insemination or known as the intrauterine insemination-IUI).

If the procedure does not result to conceiving a child of the female partner after three attempts, this kind of scenario leads to the type of treatment called IVF or the In Vitro Fertilization which is a good choice for couples who are having difficulties of the initial remedies to their condition.

IVF treatment, however, is not for everyone who has fertility issues, this should always be based on the couple’s personal and financial capability because it is quite expensive, and this kind of procedure has its own pros and cons, which this article will be exploring for more details and get a good knowledge out of this before couples make a rush decision. To learn more about ivf in Singapore click on that link.


  • There are actually numerous benefits when a couple undergoes IVF procedure, and the biggest advantage, of course, is having a baby. Couples who failed to conceive naturally are given the chance to start their own family because of IVF treatment, and this is not just a random treatment as each couple’s process are exacted and tailored to their specific situation, that gives them bigger chances to have a child.
  • IVF treatment increases the chances of the female partner’s pregnancy in many cases, but depending on the type of fertility issue the couple is dealing with. To give you a further knowledge about the two different infertility issues couples are facing these are; blocked fallopian tube, difficulty with the sperm’s ability to fertilize the egg.
  • It also lowers the chance of the baby to develop abnormality considering that there are instances that the female has a high risk of conceiving a baby that has an abnormality. This can be prevented through IVF’s procedure called Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) or Comparative Genomic Hybridization (CGH).


  • The most prominent downside of IVF treatment is there is no guarantee that the female will get pregnant no matter positive things appear on the tests. This uncertainty, however, is not common, and this can only happen in extreme situations.
  • This can also lead to cycle cancellation, which means that the treatment prescribed to the couple do not react due to under-response or over-response to the medication.
  • There are also very few eggs that can be collected and expected because not every follicle seen in an ultrasound scanning will result in a high-percentage of egg collection during the procedure.

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