If asked an athlete who’s extremely particular about his fitness of what would be the most important thing he intends out of his daily work out regime – convincingly the answer would be strength, stamina and will-power. Why not? Boosting up strength is undoubtedly the most important element one can invest in – it gives back healthiest returns.

Appropriate training and smart nutrition can do wonders coupled with the muscle promoting drugs available in the market. Strength enhancing oral steroids is an athlete’s and body builder’s best friend. The oral drugs have been preferred over the injectable ones even though both offer nearly the same benefits to the user. With many options available today, it might be confusing to choose the one which suits the need. But the one which has arrived from the very family of athletic association, I suppose could be more trustworthy.

Dr. John Zeigler of the US Olympic team developed an oral steroid called Clen which is extensively used by sportsperson and body builders for its rich anabolic properties. The anabolic nature of the steroid helps in the promotion of muscle growth. These steroidal androgens are curative in nature and used for the stimulation of muscle growth by increasing the protein content within the cells of the skeletal muscles.

Like any performance enhancing drug, one is quite reluctant to try out these, keeping in mind the various side effects that comes in as a part of the package. But the above on being administered on the sports proficient has proven track record due to its positive feedback and results, thus could definitely be given a try cause there is this right kind of audience who having tested and tried and have given a thumbs up.

Knowing what the drug does to the body

The efficacies of Clenbuterol are varied in nature. The anabolic benefits of the drug is that it enhances protein synthesis, retention of nitrogen and glycogenesis. Let’s take a dive into what it really does to the body. Learn more at FckFat.com.

Protein synthesis

Protein Synthesis helps the muscles to grow. To be more concise, it is the rate by which the cells build protein content which are the building blocks of muscles. Protein synthesis creates a state of hypertrophy which means the muscles cells become bigger in size and thereby stronger.

The micro –tears that happens to the muscles during exercise brings in the enriched blood with necessary components needed for repair through the process of protein synthesis. The steroid Clenbuterol activates the process here by the strength steroids it carries along with some natural occurring growth hormones in the body.

Retention of nitrogen

Also the drug helps in the retention of nitrogen in the tissue muscles. This seems to be an important function, as the amount of nitrogen the muscle holds is directly proportional to the amount of protein the cell can produce. So more the nitrogen present, more protein is what the cells can build. The result is accumulation of built up muscles.