By the time you read this, you might have read similar articles about the best cardiovascular workout. This article, however, considers a particular time limit.

The benefits of high intensity interval training are plenty and they need not have to be rigorous but they should be able to make you sweat and lose a sizeable amount of fat. Cardio vascular workouts keep the heart rate (an indicator of cardio health) up. With a moving heart rate, the organ becomes stronger because it keeps up with the momentum of the exercise. A healthy heart rate suggests that the stroke volume is increased. The stroke volume is the amount of blood being pumped to the heart’s left ventricle.

On the contrary to strength training, cardiovascular exercise is best done for a long time. Think cycling or a 30-minute treadmill; it is not just about keeping the heart rate up but also because the body needs to get used to this kind of pumping. A high core workout may increase the pace however an instant stop might send your body into a shock mode.

Cardio Workout Ranking

  1. The Home Exercises.Being practical, there have been suggested core exercises that are done in a loop for 3 to 5 sessions with 10 sets each. These possess no equipment or vigor—you only need to use a good physical form to do this every day, anywhere. You can do jumping jacks, squats, lunges, jump rope, jogging in place and even the use of stairs. The usual duration for these is 30 to 60 seconds for a duration of 30 minutes. You can do these exercises in a cardio or a strength route. For a cardio route, alternate different exercises in a similar duration. A strength route would require you to do the same exercise for a longer time, which is normally for 60 minutes.
  1. Running and Walking. Similar to the core and strength exercises above, the benefits of high intensity interval training come easy when using your own body weight. With running and walking, there simply are no excuses to not being able to exercise. Running can be as short 15 minutes to an hour. A slow pace for a start is preferred and then gradually increasing until you are sprinting. With walking, prolonging distance could be a good thing. Do not forget to slow down or cool down after a long ride. 
  1. Sports: Cycling, Rowing, Treadmill on incline – all these activities have one thing in common: there is a level of incline that makes the person exert more effort. Think of the benefits of high intensity interval training where variety in the exercise leads to a better chance of working other areas of the body that need working. A minimum of an hour is not enough for sports but to develop something of a routine, this should be done every day to gain momentum.

In conclusion, working out for at least an hour guarantees vitality, strength and staying power that will eventually do you good. Granting that many a personal experience say that it is tiring, the exhaustion (and your body at the end of it) will be worth it. a