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What You Might Not Know About Tooth Extraction

While your natural teeth are designed to be permanent, tooth extraction may be necessary due to some complications. This is something that sounds scary and can give someone anxiety over seeking the dental procedure. However, the procedure remains to be a common procedure. This is because, with the latest dental tools and a qualified provider such as Ivis Hernandez, DDS, of The Dental Design Studios, you can successfully undergo the procedure and effectively eliminate your oral health issue. However, there is more to learn about tooth extraction, and here is what you might not know about the procedure.

You Can Expect a Blood Clot

While you undergo a tooth extraction procedure, it is good to note that blood clots are normal. A blood clot will form in the tooth’s place after being extracted as a process of normal healing process. It is crucial to avoid messing with the clot as disturbance can cause some complications. Besides, your dentist can provide some easy stitches where necessary.

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Pain is Not a Factor During Extraction

As scary as a tooth extraction sounds, pain should not scare you. Your dentist will completely make it a non-impactable extraction area before the procedure, and you will not experience any pain. Although you might experience some discomforts after the procedure as the numbing wears off, you can manage it through over-the-counter medications. Besides, you can give your dentists a call should you experience increased pain over time.

Recovery Takes About Two Weeks

Many people get concerned about the recovery process after a tooth extraction, mainly due to their lifestyle. Remember that you will feel better in a few days, and you can get back to your activities as soon as your provider advises. The extraction area should be healed completely after about two weeks following your procedure.

You will have to Stick to Soft Foods

After extraction, it would not be advisable to keep on with your favorite foods as some can cause complications to the area. Instead, it would be best to stick to soft foods such as mashed potatoes, soup, and applesauce. Once the extraction area is healed, you can consult your dentist on how to resume your favorite diet gradually. It would be best if you avoided hard and chewy foodstuffs. Additionally, it is good to avoid any touching or rubbing on your extraction area until it is completely healed.

Brushing Must be Done Carefully

You will still need to maintain oral hygiene even after extraction. However, it would help if you were careful while brushing the teeth while healing as you can temper the blood clot leading to severe pain or infection. Therefore, you can gently use saltwater solution two times a day instead of brushing the extraction area to keep it clean.

You will need to Adjust Your Lifestyle

After tooth extraction, you will have to avoid some things as your gums are in the process of healing. It is time you avoid smoking, drinking through a straw, raising or spitting forcefully, and drinking alcohol. All these can interfere with the healing process and can maximize your recovery period.

All these are important notes to keep in mind about tooth extraction as they can help you know what to expect as you seek the treatment procedure. You can explore more by speaking to the expert, Dr. Hernandez.