Sinus Surgery: What You Need To Follow Pre, During, and Post the Surgery?

Sinus Surgery: What You Need To Follow Pre, During, and Post the Surgery?

Traditional methods of sinus surgeries were annoying as they took longer to heal. Recovery from sinus surgery is smooth with the advanced technology. There is little that you need to follow to heal faster. Post-operative care is essential so that you don’t face any other health complications in future.

Sinus can be treated in various ways. Some people even follow home remedies to treat their headaches due to sinus. However, surgery becomes necessary when sinus is being ignored or untreated for long. Midtown East sinus surgery has beautifully explained the various stages of surgery and how you must take care of the same.

Sinus may feel a lot more than how it looks. Other than the common symptoms, people experience it differently. Sometimes, it is difficult to guess whether someone is undergoing tooth pain, migraines, or a sinus attack. Thus, seeing a doctor is important.

Some common health risks and complications of sinus include:

  • Bleeding
  • Recurring sinus attacks
  • Infection in the nasal area
  • Nasal drainage that increases with time
  • Issues with eyesight
  • Frequent headaches that get worse every time
  • Loss of smell of taste

Before the sinus surgery:

You will be advised to quit alcohol and smoking 8 hours prior to surgery. You must ensure there is no fever so that surgery can take place smoothly. In case of any health complications, inform your doctor of the same. Eat healthy and stay hydrated unless you are specially instructed about your diet.

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During the surgery:

At the time of the surgery, you will be asked to fill certain formalities. These include consent form, medical reports, and health reports. It would be wise to bring along someone for the surgery. You will be introduced to your anaesthesiologist. Follow all the instructions as advised before and on the day of the surgery.

After the surgery:

Surgery takes a few hours. You will be advised rest and will be accompanied by someone close to take you back home. Apply ice packs to stop bleeding post-surgery. The recovery may take 3 to 5 days. During the healing process, you must not do any tough work or strenuous activities.

Keep in touch with your surgeon and update them on the progress of your healing. You must inform your doctor of any health issues such as bleeding, fever, headache, pain, and swelling of nose or eyes. Tender pain is normal however; notify your doctor of anything unusual that you feel.