Quick Hangover Cures

Easy and Quick Hangover Cures

Many of us go crazy on party nights in town. Some people lose control and drink a lot of alcohol and beer. As a result of drinking a lot of alcohol, some changes take place in body and one feels sickness. This sickness is actually hangover that results from hormonal changes and chemical reactions in body due to drinking alcohol. The symptoms of hangover include nausea, vomiting, headache, motion, dehydration etc. Actually, excess of alcohol depleted the essential nutrients from our body, our blood sugar level is misbalanced and we feel dizzy and sick.

Have you been at a party night and got drunk? And now, searching for Fast Hangover cure? You are at the right stop. Here we have gathered Easy and Quick Hangover Cures. You can recover from hangover in no time. Have a look to these quick hangover cures.


You need to tackle the pain induced due to excessive intake of alcohol. Hangover is due dehydration. The water requirements of the body get disturbed by drinking. So, you need to rebalance the water content. Drink a lot of water. It I fast hangover cure. You will feel better after rehydrating your body.


Sprite may provide much solace to your body. Chinese researchers found that sprite improves the metabolism of the body and speeds up the ability to process aldehyde dehydrogenase.


Asparagus contains amino acids that speed up the ability to break down alcohol which may cause long term harm.

Ginger or Peppermint Tea

Ginger or peppermint tea is a quick hangover cure. It basically treats nausea or stomachache. According to research, tea reduce nausea and motion if they are used appropriately.

Bananas and pretzels

Bananas and pretzels in combination are a great hangover cure. They contain abundant salt and potassium. Drinking alcohol depletes potassium and other salts from the body. Thus, bananas and pretzels can help you getting out of hangover quickly.

Quick Hangover Cures


Caffeine in Coffee boosts up your energy. It reacts against toxic chemicals in alcohol that cause headache. Thus, you feel better.


Anit-inflammatory ingredients of aspirin overcome harmful effects of ethanol and boost up your energy.

Orange Juice

Orange Juice rehydrates your body. It also maintains level of Vitamin C in body that helps you in getting rid of nausea that results from excessive intake of ethanol.


Onions contain high content of sugar and increase metabolism of human body.


Oats contain sufficient amount of Vitamin B, Calcium, Magnesium and Iron. Oats neutralize acid content in body and maintain blood sugar level and give excess amount of energy to human body.

Leafy greens

Vegetables are very healthy food. Leafy Greens can help you getting out of hangover quickly. So make a salad and enjoy it.


Last but not least, exercise is a best hangover cure. Exercise is hardest yet very fast hangover cure. Exercise doesn’t mean you need to hit the gym. You can do simple running with a few pushups. The sweating produced from exercise cures hangover quickly as it rehydrates your body.