Healthy Teeth

What are the health benefits of healthy teeth?

Teeth are an important part of you. Until something happens to them, you take them for granted. Whether it’s a toothache, getting a tooth chipped while playing sports, or having an infected tooth pulled, your teeth can leave you feeling less confident and more unsure of your smile than ever before.

However, good oral hygiene and regular preventative dental care affects more than just your emotional health. It significantly impacts the health of your teeth, gums, and other body systems as well.

The Many Health Benefits of Good Oral Hygiene:

Problems in your mouth can affect your entire body in some cases. This is especially true if bacteria, naturally found in your mouth, is given the opportunity to spread and get into your bloodstream, in turn; affecting the rest of the organs in your body. For example, poor oral hygiene may eventually lead to endocarditis, a concerning inflammation of the lining inside your heart, as well as many other types of cardiovascular disease such as strokes.

By improving your oral hygiene, you will not only decrease the incidence of these systemic problems but also see healthier teeth and gums as you age. Brushing and flossing reduces plaque; an agent primarily responsible for gum disease, cavities, a sore mouth and even discolored or missing teeth. Smart oral hygiene helps decrease your risk of having to undergo fillings, root canals and even oral surgery.

How Healthy Teeth Impact Kids and Teens:

Although you may think tooth decay and gum disease affect primarily older individuals, children and teenagers are also at risk. Children that lack good oral health may have tooth decay from a young age, which can lead to pain, difficulty speaking and eating.

However, maintaining healthy teeth when you’re younger insures healthy oral hygiene habits in the future, fewer problems with oral pain and tooth decay in adulthood and improved emotional health and wellbeing. Healthy teeth are not difficult to achieve if you maintain regular visits at your dentist and brush/floss regularly.

How Healthy Teeth in Old Age Benefit You:

As you age, healthy teeth become even more important. Even though enamel is incredibly strong, it can eventually wear out if you grind your teeth. In addition, rough brushing and infrequent flossing can harm your gums, causing them to recede. Preventing gum disease can help you keep your own teeth. Having cavities filled immediately and practicing good daily oral care can also prevent major tooth decay.

When you keep your own teeth healthy and strong, your jawbone will thank you. The regular pressure of tooth roots on your jawbone improves bone health and reduces cellular breakdown in the bone.

Dental Implants Support Great Oral Health:

Dentures are not an inevitable part of growing older. Implants, a healthier alternative, replace a missing tooth with a new tooth that blends into your mouth seamlessly. Unlike dentures, which rest on your gums or clip to teeth beside them, implants use strong metal posts placed into your jawbone along with crowns to cover the posts. By mimicking the feel of real teeth on your jawbone, dental implants improve gum and bone health.

In addition, these implants are easy to clean around and they function just like your natural teeth in nearly every way. You will brush and floss around them as usual. They are made to match your natural teeth and are just as strong as your other teeth. You can feel confident when smiling, speaking and eating.

Whether you are concerned about the health of your kids teeth or the health of your own, our experienced dental professionals at Sola Dental Spa can help. Our office, located on Staten Island, is a relaxing environment filled with the modern equipment you need to get your healthiest, most beautiful smile yet. With an incredibly friendly staff and a welcoming atmosphere, you will immediately feel at ease. Let us help you take charge of your oral health at any age.