hair treatment techniques

RichFeel hair treatment techniques for hair fall and its reviews

Hair fall is one of the most common problems faced by both men and women around the world. The change in nutrition, stress at theworkplace and major changes in lifestyle have contributed in the general reasons related to hair fall like hereditary disorders, infections etc. Indeed there are a number of home remedies which can help in reducing the hair fall but they vary from person to person and by the time a person finds the right combination of the remedies and stress relieving exercises, it is already too late.

RichFeel Trichology Centres – hairs and scalp clinics have 79 centers across India that provide high-quality services in the field of hair care. All major and minor hair and scalp problems are treated through patented treatments under the supervision of certified Trichologists. There are a number of treatments to cure hair fall which include both surgical and non-surgical procedures. These treatments are chosen based on the complete analysis of the health of the patient’s scalp and the stage of the problem.Richfeel has treated many patients nationwide with its hair transplant techniques and their testimonials prove their service.

TST+ or Tricho Scalp Treatment Plus

It is first-of-its-kind patented technique developed by Dr. Emil Vodder from Austria. In this technique, manual lymph drainage is done for detoxification which further helps in thebetterment of the hair follicles. The treatment consists of three steps that are internal medicine, external applications, and home care kit for complete control over hair loss.

The treatment helps in three ways. It disinfects the scalp and helps detoxification thus resulting in therejuvenation of the hair follicles. In this method, the practitioner follows a smooth rhythmic pattern on the hair and scalp which helps in relaxing the mind and body. One session is for about 60 minutes and it is recommended to be done once every month for good scalp health. And the WordPress Richfeel reviews of their patient’s prove that this innovative treatment has proven to be effective.

hair treatment techniques

An again Hair Loss Treatment

Hairs are extremely sensitive and apart from infection or hereditary issues, even a small change in nutrition and routine or increase in stress can trigger the problem. The RichFeel Trichology of India has joined hands with Mibelle group of Switzerland and Biotec Labs of Italy to find asolution to the problem of hair fall. In the premier labs around the world, the collaboration of three institutes has resulted in the discovery of organic and bioactive extracts that can reduce hair loss.Many people have shared their Richfeel hair transplant reviews on popular blog posts about how its treatments are effective.

Depending on the stage and nature of the problem, different combinations of extracts are used. The treatment helps in hair growth at the root and stretches the life cycle of hair.

Aesthetic Hair Implants- AHI

This is a surgical treatment provided in alliance with the Ailesbury Hair Clinic of London. In the treatment macro punch of 0.5-0.8 mm in diameter are extracted from the donor area and placed on the bald portion of the head. It is highly effective and precise. Also, it is much less painful in comparison to traditional hair transplant surgery which requires staying at the hospital and complex aftercare.

The Reviews

The overall Richfeel treatment reviews from all their centers of the clinics have been positive. Though the clinic does not guarantee 100% results but in most of the cases, the results are beyond the level of satisfaction. The quality of the services and determination of better future for the patients have allowed the founders Dr. Apoorva Shah and Dr. Sonal Shah to expand the roots to more than 75 locations across the country.