Benefits & Side Effects of Minoxidil for Hair Regrowth

Have you heard of minoxidil for hair loss? Minoxidil is one of the medicine which can be used to treat hair loss. Otherwise it is an anti-hypertensive drug which works by dilating the blood vessels to bring back the blood pressure to its normal rate. It is due to this vasodilatory property of minoxidil that theĀ  drug has proved a bench mark to promote hair regrowth at certain extent. Minoxidil is approved by FDA. It works by potentiating the resting phase of the hair follicles to enter the growing phase and hereby prolonging this phase as long as you use it. There are various benefits and side-effects of minoxidil for hair growth as follows:

1. Delays the progression of hair loss: By using minoxidil slowing down of hair loss phase occurs. This is achieved by elongating the duration of anagen phase so that hair regrowth phase would be prolonged. Application of minoxidil twice a day is recommended for good results. Following which relaxation and widening of blood vessels will be there. This will promote hair regrowth by stimulating the hair follicles.

2. FDA approved treatment: This drugis FDA approved for both male as well as female pattern baldness. The recommended dose is 2% in case of ‘Female pattern baldness’ while it is 5% in case of ‘Male pattern baldness’. Clinical studies have proven that it is more effective on frontal and crown portion of scalp.

3. Fewer side effects if used as directed by physician: Side effects are fewer if we compare them with the benefits. Initially, shedding of hair after its use is common in all cases. The reason behind this is that it fastens the hair loss phase (catagen) and prolongs the hair regrowth phase (anagen) of the scalp hair.

4. Used for short term hair loss: Minoxidil is a treatment rather a cure for hair loss. This means uninterrupted usage of minoxidil would be beneficial. If one is dozing the application of minoxidil then hair regrowth would not be promised in expected volume. In that case prefer its use only in situations of temporary stress or short duration of time likewise hair loss after pregnancy or delivery, after an accident etc.

5.Can be used with or without hair transplant: Application of minoxidil is confined not only to hair transplant candidates. Anyone can be a user of minoxidil after consulting the physician. Individuals suffering from initial stages of hair loss can also use minoxidil while others after undergoing hair transplant with the consultation of physician can also get benefitted from minoxidil.

6.Impedes the ageing of Dermalpapillae: Administration of recombinant human Keratinocyte growth factor-2 promisingly elevate the human hair follicles. Thus, use of minoxidil retards the aging of dermal papillaewhich ultimately promotes uninterrupted and healthy scalp hair regrowth in humans.

7. No to serious health risks: Probability of any kind of severe risk is less with its usage. Interrupted use of minoxidil will not prove effective as an anti hair fall treatment. So in that case hair loss will again surround you as earlier before you begun using it. Hair loss can be controlled by its regular use. Otherwise no severe health risks are observed.

Side-effects of minoxidil are as follows:

1. Low blood pressure: One cannot help this lowering of blood pressure with the use of minoxidil except the regulation of dose and formulation of the minoxidil in which it is dispensed, available and ingested by an individual after consulting the physician.

2. Mild acne: Mild acne is observed after its use, be it be any formulation of minoxidil. This means that as far as minoxidil is present as an ingredient in any formulation regardless of the fact that the formulation ingested is for blood pressure or hair loss, chances of mild and curable acne is quite higher.

3. Others: Headache and light headedness, Numbness and tingling in body parts, Blurred vision, Facial swelling and hair growth, Pseudoacromegaly are some other side effects which have been found in the individuals using minoxidil.

4. Not a permanent treatment: It would be partial if we quote ‘minoxidil’ as a permanent treatment for hair loss. No wonder if one faces hair loss again after ceasing to use minoxidil. Hence, it is a universal phenomenon that this drug will continue prolonging the growth phase of the hair as long as you use it.

5. May not help with severe baldness: Severe cases of hair loss are not to be treated by this drug. Minoxidil is found to be effective for initial stages of baldness only and that is too at crown and frontal portion.