The Difference between Gyms and Fitness Centres

There are a lot of people who assume that gyms and fitness clubs are the same and this is understandable because they both deal with people’s physical health. The differences are in the services that they offer. Perhaps you have to know more about both so you will get to understand what set them apart from each other. Here are some of the things you have to learn from fitness centres & gym.

Fitness Centres

If you are a person who is seeking for a place to work out or you are an athlete who would like to improve the overall condition of your body, this is the right place for you to try. This is the place that will offer you a lot of different things from training for your favorite sport or to just get fit. Fitness centres will make it a point to offer a lot more activities than gyms Scarborough. Here are some more distinguishing features of fitness centres:

  • Some fitness centres Toronto are geared towards a specific activity. For example, there are some that can only offer Pilates or yoga.
  • A lot of fitness centres occupy big spaces especially if they are housing different activities all in one place.
  • They may also offer a lot of extra features like spas, saunas and snack bars that a lot of people love.

Probably because of the things that fitness centres can provide, there are people from different age groups that are usually present in fitness centres.



The gyms that you will see at present time are usually indoors so that they can be comfortable. While there are some that comes with AC units in order to keep people comfortable while they are working out, there are some hardcore gyms that are open. Gyms may come in different sizes depending on the activities and facilities that they are offering.

  • There are some gyms that are specifically geared towards cardiovascular activities and strength training. They do not offer other activities that fitness centres may offer.
  • Some are open 24 hours a day so no matter what time you would decide to work out, their services are available.
  • There are different types of gyms that are available. There are high end ones that will provide almost the same activities that fitness centres can give; there are some mid ranged gyms that may offer a few of the services of fitness centres plus the basic things that gym can offer and of course there are simple gyms that will give you what you need.

If you would make the right choice, it will not matter whether you have chosen fitness centre Toronto or a gym as long as you know that you have made a decision based on your personality and the things that you need. Why do you need to pay for high end memberships if you are perfectly happy with getting the basics from the simple gym or fitness center?