Family Medicine

Lake Family Medicine & Imaging

Lake Family Medicine & Imaging is your one-stop-shop for all of your general health needs.  With in-house labs, imaging services, and pharmacy, you can have your appointment, tests, and prescription filled all in one place.  Dr. Raj Kandavanam is an experienced specialist providing  sports medicine in Sanford to patients of all ages.

The staff at Lake Family Medicine & Imaging are friendly and take extra care in ensuring each patient receives the comprehensive, individual care they need.  Scheduled appointments as well as walk-in visits are accepted. Patient education is important to Dr. Kandavanam and his staff.  They offer educational support during each appointment as well as on the blog section of their website to enhance each patient’s knowledge of living a healthier, happier life.  Call or text the office today to schedule your appointment.

In addition to sports medicine, Lake Family Medicine & Imaging offer their patients services such as primary care for the whole family, diabetes care, weight loss solutions, and orthopedic care, among others.  Following is a little information on how Dr. Kandavanam can help you.

Family Medicine

Primary Care

An essential consideration when choosing a doctor is their ability to address the many health needs your family has.  Primary care includes physicals, immunizations, sick visits, sports medicine, and chronic diseases management, among others. At Lake Family Medicine & Imaging, Dr. Kandavanam adopts an integrative medical care strategy, making him a great candidate for you to consider when looking for a primary care physician.  For amazing testimonials from many of his current patients, you can visit the website and see the wonderful care you and your family could receive.


More than 34 million Americans have diabetes, and 33% of adults have prediabetes. Dr. Kandavanam can perform all the diagnostic tests necessary to confirm your condition.  Once that is established, he will provide the education the patient needs in order to manage the diabetes in the best way possible.  The customized treatment plan that he and the patient discuss together will be established to ensure each patient is comfortable with the medications and needs going forward.  Follow up visits are always scheduled to ensure the understanding and good management and wellbeing of the patient.

Weight loss

Weight issues are a pervasive medical problem — over 71% of Americans are overweight or obese, which puts their health in danger. Dr. Kandavanam performs tests to determine if there are any health or hormonal issues preventing normal weight loss success. Once that is established he can work with the patient to create a personalized medical-based weight loss program.

Orthopedic Injuries

Pain is the most common symptom when it comes to orthopedic injuries.  Often the pain makes it difficult to carry out your normal daily activities.  There are times, such as a broken bone, that it is essential for you to see your doctor immediately to take care of the injury and avoid further damage.  At Lake Family Medicine & Imaging, the in-house labs and imaging are crucial to the diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic injuries.  Having these services all under one roof is extremely beneficial to the patient.

Pharmacy Services

Once your appointment with the doctor is complete, going to the pharmacy to fill your prescription no longer has to be another stop on your list of things to do.  You can use the pharmacy right in the clinic to get your medications and be on your way.

For comprehensive care and services, make an appointment with Dr. Kandavanam at Lake Family Medicine & Imaging today.