Vaping and your Oral Health: Here is what Dental Experts Say

Despite all the recent scary news headlines around vaping – like how an e-cigar can explode in your mouth and perhaps cause a rare type of pneumonia – the use of this USB-like device still seems like a trendy thing for Americans.

While it’s proving beyond any reasonable doubt that it’s as unhealthy as the traditional cigarette, one critical question seems to pop up quite a bit: what’s the impact of vaping on your oral health? Is vaping any better or worse than regular cigarettes when it comes to your oral health? Sure, a Juul attorney could help you seek compensation after suffering harm while using the device. However, there are negative oral health associated with this practice that no one will compensate you for.

Excess bacteria

A study done in 2018 revealed that teeth and gums that have been exposed to e-cigarette aerosol developed a higher level of bacteria than those that didn’t. This difference is believed to be greater in pits and teeth crevices of teeth. Perhaps you’re wondering whether excess bacteria is good or bad. Dentists associated excess bacteria with the development of cavities, gum disease, and teeth decay.

Dental Experts Say

Death of cells

A 2018 study review of various studies of live cells from gums indicated that vaping aerosols could worsen inflammation and cause DNA damage. This can result in cells losing their cell division power and grow. This can speed up the cell aging process and eventually cause cell death. This is a significant cause of oral health problems such as bone loss, teeth decay, periodontal disease, bad breath, loss of teeth, and dry mouth.

Results from in vitro studies and analysis are not necessarily generalizable to a real-life scenario because the cells are usually removed from their environment during examination and analysis. Thus, further research is necessary to fully understand the overall impact of vaping on cell health.


Different studies reviewed in 2014 showed that continued vaping could cause irritation of mouth and throat. Some of the common gum signs include swelling, redness, and tenderness. If you’re already experiencing these symptoms, seek medical attention as soon as you can.

Dry mouth

According to various studies, some e-cigarette base liquids, especially propylene glycol, are a leading cause of mouth dryness. Mouth sores, teeth decay, and bad breath are often caused by excessive mouth dryness.

Gum inflammation

Different studies, especially one carried out in 2016, suggest that the use of e-cigars can trigger an inflammatory response in your gum tissues. And if left untreated, gum inflammation is a leading cause of periodontal disease.

Wrap up

Now that you know that vaping can impact your oral health in different ways, there’s something you can do to combat the impact of these issues. Be sure to get regular dental checkups. This way, your dentist can identify the earliest signs of dental problems long before they become a big problem. And if you vape, you can stop it.