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Follistatin 344: Does It Really Build Muscles?

Muscle building seems to be the order of the day nowadays, not to mention the whole lot of perks that it brings forth. An athletic body is what most men desire as it does not only make them attractive but also gives them the confidence that comes with masculinity.

However, at times one may not have reached their full muscle potential due to certain health factors such as GH deficiencies.  Follistatin 344 is produced by manufacturers such as HubioPharm to help you achieve your full potential.

What is Follistatin 344?

Before getting to that, Follistatin is a naturally occurring element in skeletal muscles of virtually every mammal, with advanced characteristics evident in humans. It is known to contain a high amount of the non-essential amino acid known as cystine. Unlike most of the proteins, Follistatin also contain carbohydrates attached.

Follistatin 344 is a human grade Follistatin, which has grown in popularity among bodybuilders due to its ability to rapidly increase the mass of lean tissues in the body. Lean muscle mass gives a bodybuilder a competitive advantage and can be the differentiating factor between those winning first and second position. Apart from that, it is indispensable as far as obtaining an attractive figure is concerned.

Follistatin in muscle growth

Follistatin achieves its goals by binding as well as inhibiting the transforming growth factor β (TGF- β) like myostatin responsible for regulation and limitation of muscle growth. It’s worth taking note that myostatin has a regulatory role in the development of skeletal muscle   fibrosis. Too much of it can result to impairment of tissue functions and chronic diseases in the vital tissues, bone marrow and organs.

Build Muscle

Apart from just suppressing the effects of myostatin, this compound can also suppress synthesis and production of the Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) by the pituitary gland. High levels of FSH may be an indication of malfunction of testicles in men. This can limit normal hormone functions, muscle growth and recovery. However, too low levels of FSH can also impact your health negatively as well as reproductive potential.

You are probably wondering why Follistatin 344 use is not widespread among bodybuilders or athletes. The truth is that Follistatin actually facilitates muscle building. Increasing levels of Follistatin 344 does correlate to muscle mass increase.

Effects of Follistatin 344 deficiency

When Follistatin protein is absent during birth, it can result to reduced muscle mass. Reduced muscle mass during birth can impact the bones, tissues and organs development and normal function of hormones.

Follistatin levels can be supplemented by the Follistatin 344 which can be obtained online via certain manufacturers such as HubioPharm. It is a powerful protein that plays a vital role in the reversal of muscle loss as well as building new and better muscle mass. Given the costs of Follistatin 344, it is best used by those who want to perfect their bodies in preparation for a performance, such as bodybuilders and athletes. That however does not necessarily mean that individuals cannot use it for their own personal fitness enhancement.