Why the role of lactation consultant is important?

Breastfeeding is a unique trait and confirms the adaptability of human beings. Every nursing procedure is unique and there are hardships along with challenges on the way. The experience of breastfeeding is something to cherish but at the same time a challenging task. The lack of support with no idea about how the process works are considered to be a major drawback and the modern woman being forced to multi- task casts a sheen over the entire process. It is that time when you feel that the services of a lactation consultant in Gurgaon will work wonders.

Mothers have been feeding babies without the guidance of lactation consultants and they are not aware of any of the techniques as well. But the mother has a time frame and a time limit to each and everything. To balance their work and to get used to the new stream of motherhood, she would need some sort of hand holding and this where you can seek help from the lactation consultants in Gurgaon. To appreciate this new process, you would need to possess the skill sets along with the experience to sail through.

Most of the hospitals have lactation specialists to help the new mother. Their main aim is to help the mother to maximize her chances of breastfeeding and gain the valuable experience of breastfeeding. The specialist would help the mother to settle down, and bond with the mother. They would also give tips on how to keep the mother positive and relaxed.

The advantages of breastfeeding

Pregnant women are transition mothers and they bring in the world babies who are the future. Though there is no denying the fact that breastfeeding has its own set of advantages for both the mother along with the baby, unfortunately, it is a lost art in the modern day. Some of the advantages associated with it are as follows

  • The babies who are breastfed are efficient in regulating their feeding paving way for healthy eating habits
  • The composition of breast milk is suited for the intensities of the baby, and at the same time easily digestible. Since it is very easy for your baby to digest it works out to be one of the best meals for your infant.
  • By breastfeeding the bond between a baby and the mother develops. As the baby snuggles it receives the warmth and hears the sound of your voice. They feel loved and connected to you on an emotional level
  • Breast milk is known to contain antibiotics, which protects the body against allergies or infections. When you breastfeed your baby the chances of asthma or cold are on the lower side.

It is not that all the benefits are centred on the baby, but the mother too has some benefits from breastfeeding. It reduces the occurrence of ovarian cancer and mothers who have breastfed their mothers have 50 % less chance of developing breast cancer. If you breastfeed your baby for 12 to 24 months at a stretch the, chances of uterine cancer also diminish by half. A healthy way of losing your pregnancy weight is that by the process of breastfeeding, you can shed up to 500 calories a day. This can help the mother to lose the extra weight put on.