This is one of the widely discussed topics around the world. Since millions and millions of people are getting affected, it is highly important to know about this disease in better. Especially knowing about their symptoms is more important to find the best treatment of this disease at right time. Unfortunately today there are many people who are not aware of these symptoms. And because of this unawareness they tend to remain casual without going for treatment. The following are some of the most common symptoms of corona virus. The people who tend to have any of these symptoms should immediately approach the medical experts to get the treatment at right time.


The first and foremost symptom of corona virus is fever. As the first symptom the infected people will exhibit high fever. They will have prolonged fever which cannot be cured even by normal medications. This is the reason why the temperature of the people is noted wherever they move out to the public places.

Dry cough

This is another common symptom which each and every corona affected person will have. They will have severe cough along with cold. They will also have throat pain and irritation. The other important thing which is to be noted is some people will have corona virus without exhibiting symptoms like dry cough. Hence along with this, the other symptoms should also be taken into account.

Loss of taste and smell

This is one of the latest update which is released about the corona virus. The people who are affected by corona virus will not have good sense of smell and taste. That is they will experience loss of taste and smell. Even if they tend to take the bitter foods they will not feel the bitterness. Hence the people who tend to have this problem should also move for corona test without any constraint.

Breathing trouble

This is the serious symptom which gets resulted because of corona virus. Especially if they tend to have any other medical problems like heart issues, lungs problem or any other related issue, they will support from breathing trouble. The people with this kind of symptom should be treated immediately without any delay. This is because the risk in these cases will be higher. The medical experts who are taking care of the corona patients can make use of favipiravir intermediate in order to treat the patients at the best.