Suwit gym for Muay Thai and the choice for your health
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Suwit gym for Muay Thai and the choice for your health

Muay Thai is becoming the number one sport to lose weight and recover your shape. If you know about trends and you’re into the fitness world, you would easily recognize this martial art in many different gyms and weight-loss academies worldwide. It is becoming a popular way to reduce your size and increasing popularity among women who want to enter the fitness world without countless hours in a cardio machine.

Additionally, there are many health benefits associated with learning and practicing Muay Thai every day. It depends on how serious you are in learning this sport and your baseline health, but you are very likely to improve your cardiovascular function, your metabolic health, and your overall mood. And don’t think this is a sport for men because it is not necessarily so. Women and children and encouraged to learn Muay Thai, and there’s no discrimination whatsoever.

The reason why Muay Thai is associated with so many health benefits is that it is based on a millenary tradition that involves a very complete exercise routine. People who practice Muay Thai train their body as a whole, not one or two muscle groups. One session of Muay Thai includes aerobic training, bodyweight exercises, and fine-tuning of your body and mind to turn your body into a deadly weapon and improve your mindset and character at the same time.

So, if you’re interested in burning 700 calories every day by having fun and enjoying with your friends, go ahead and try Muay Thai. It is a new strategy to lose weight, and when combined with a careful diet and a healthy lifestyle, it will result in pounds lost in no time. By improving your weight and your body composition, you will also be reducing your blood lipid levels, improving your hypertension, and boosting your cardiovascular health. Your heart will get better and better in his task of delivering oxygen to the rest of the body, and you will feel stamina going up as you master this discipline.

Another interesting health benefit people have found by training Muay Thai is better control of their blood glucose. It is a good way for diabetics to improve their disease control along with their medications and a good diet. It is also good for pre-diabetics to reverse their metabolic syndrome and improve insulin sensitivity.

Different from other weight loss methods, Muay Thai is not boring. Quite the opposite, it is a good way to build new friendships at Suwit gym and meet other people like you. You will find in our training camps such as  the perfect place to be yourself, release your daily stress, and feel better. And you will lose weight in the process. So, if you’re in Thailand and want to try Muay Thai, schedule your visit to one of our training camps and change your life forever.