Some preparations before your X-ray session

Some preparations before your X-ray session

Some preparations before your X-ray session

If you are facing any health issues the reason for which is not apparent from outside, your physician may ask you to take an x-ray. It is a painless procedure that helps to image a particular part of your body. It takes very little time generally. The following article helps you know when an X-ray is taken and what to expect before your session. As a note of caution, you shouldn’t be taking an X-ray without medical advice.

Why is an X-ray taken?

  • X-rays are taken of bones and teeth. Fractures of the bones are easily seen through an X-ray. It can also reveal the health of your joints and say whether you have arthritis. In dentistry X–rays are used to decide the level of decay and also the roots of your teeth. These are also done to find out of there is any tumor in the bones.
  • X-rays of the chest and lungs are also taken. Lung infections like tuberculosis can be detected with the help of this. The breast tissues can also be examined with the help of an X-ray.
  • Sometimes X-rays of the abdominal region are also taken to find out if you have any digestive tract problems.

Preparations before an X-ray:

  • As per the type of X-ray, the preparation also varies. The radiologist helps you with all such information when you book an appointment.
  • Generally, you are asked to undress and are given a gown at the center. This will prevent any hindrance to the area that needs to be scanned.
  • You should not be having any metal object on your body during the session. So remove all jewelry, belts, watch, and eyeglasses.
  • Some types of X-rays are such that you are given a contrast medium. It is given to outline the area where an X-ray is to be taken.
  • Barium and iodine are contrast mediums that may be applied or asked to be swallowed.

During the X-ray:

  • You have to fix an appointment and visit your doctor or if the facility is not available, at the designated diagnostic imaging center in New Jersey.
  • A specialized plate is inserted in the machine that captures the image. A safe level of radiation is passed through your body.
  • People accompanying you should not be present in the room as radiation may be harmful.
  • The technician helps to position yourself during the X-ray that may just take a few minutes normally.
  • You will be given the report in a day’s time at the max.

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