Anabolic steroids are in fact synthetic versions of one of the most important natural hormones that we have in our bodies, testosterone. Testosterone, as you may know, is the hormone responsible for masculinity – including muscle growth. There are some natural ways in which we can increase the amount of testosterone in our bodies, but why would we do this when we could just inject steroids intravenously into our bodies and then enjoy ourselves? Well, as science and personal experience both tell us, there are many potential side effects that you may begin to experience if you start to use steroids.

Sure, your muscles will get huge, and you will turn into an immensely powerful person – this is the “good side” of steroids. But the cost of this can be huge. For one, steroid users are known for their problems with their cardiovascular health. The heart doesn’t take too kindly to steroid use and depending on how long you use the steroids and of your current age, your heart may start giving up on you, leading to potentially deadly cases of heart failure.

If you’re a woman and you wish to use steroids, then you will find out that you’re getting masculinized. Your jaw may widen, your muscles will swell up, your hair may start to fall out, and even your clitoris will get enlarged as a result of steroid use. This is definitely not something that you’ll look forward to, so your best bet is to never use steroids in the first place.

But both men and women can experience serious side effects from steroids, including the fact that you may get jaundice, or you may ruin the health of one of the most important organs in your body – the liver. The potential for getting liver cancer shoots through the roof if you’re using steroids. Acne is also a very frequent symptom of steroid abuse, and your hair and skin may get oily.

There are also psychological detriments that you need to be aware of. Steroid use will make your testosterone levels shoot through the roof, and testosterone is recognized as a hormone of aggression. So, if you start to feel like a raging bull after steroid use, then you need to connect the dots and stop your use of steroids before you end up ruining your important relationships in life. Finally, steroids can be really bad for your fertility. In men, their use can shrink the size of the testicles and decrease the sperm count. If you wish to make a family one day – then we suggest that you stop steroid use immediately.

If you wish to, you can still take some supplements that are proven to be healthy. Protein, creatine, lovemelanotan – all of these are healthy variations. But steroids are far from healthy. If you discontinue their use, be prepared to face a bout of depression as your body strives to reopen the production of natural testosterone. Don’t give up, and eventually, you will reclaim your health that you have lost to the anabolic steroids.