Same-Day Crowns to Get Damaged Teeth Looking New in a Single Appointment

Same-Day Crowns to Get Damaged Teeth Looking New in a Single Appointment

Same-Day Crowns to Get Damaged Teeth Looking New in a Single Appointment

Traditional crowns have for the longest time offered solutions for damaged teeth. Unfortunately, not everyone likes to wait for several days or weeks before a dental appointment. Thanks to Irvine same day crowns at Smile by Design Dental Group, you no longer have to wait. You will walk in with your chipped tooth and walk out with your crown in one appointment. Same-day crowns are the latest in dental technology, enhancing your teeth’s appearance and functions. This durable cap shields your tooth from further damage and reinforces its strength and structure.

How different are same-day crowns from the traditional ones?

The difference between same-day and traditional crowns is that same-day crowns only require a single dental visit. Instead of waiting for a future appointment as your dentist crafts your crown, your doctor makes it on-site while you wait. The professional will take a digital impression of your teeth using a 3D scanner before designing your crown on a screen. After milling, your dentist glazes it to ensure it matches the appearance of your nearby teeth. When the crown’s color matches your teeth, the professional then place it on your damaged tooth.

Why should you opt for same-day crowns over traditional crowns?

Same-day crowns are not temporary. Just like the traditional crowns, your dentist designs them to last for a very long time. The advanced technology your dentist uses during scanning and milling ensures your crown fits nicely on your first trial. Your doctor also takes into account your bite function and tooth contours.

  • Saves you time

Unlike traditional crowns, there is no lag time between the time you walk into your dentist’s office with a chipped or broken tooth and the time you walk out with ‘new’ teeth. Thus, your doctor will make and place your crowns in one appointment.

  • Enhances your appearance

Since your dentist designs your crown with precision, it aesthetically enhances your affected tooth, making you feel comfortable when you smile. No one may notice the difference between your natural teeth and crowns because the dental caps take your tooth’s shape and color.

  • The procedure is fast and easy

The procedure of receiving same-day crowns is easy, thanks to advanced technology. The treatment prompts your dentist to insert an oral 3D camera in your mouth to take digital impressions of your teeth. The advanced technology gives your dentist fast and clean scans in few minutes.

  • Fixes simple tooth restorations

Anyone with a tiny chip on his tooth might avoid using that side of the mouth to chew. Instead of waiting for traditional crowns, which might take a few weeks (dragging tooth repair), you might opt for same-day crowns to make your chewing comfortable.

  • Preserves your existing tooth

A typical crown placement may force your dentist to drill out bits of your natural teeth to create space for your crown. However, your teeth might not need drilling with same-day crowns.

Everyone desires to feel confident in their smile. Unfortunately, a damaged tooth may make you shy off from flaunting your beautiful smile. Schedule an appointment with your dentist to learn more about same-day crowns.

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