Safe Surgical Method to Go For

When a patient is diagnosed with a disease that leads to surgery recommendations, one feels stressed as many questions linger in the mind like how will the surgery be, how long will this take, I may lose lots of blood, or even how painful will it be? There is a relief now with the advancement in technology. Doctors at New Windsor robotic surgery perform minimally invasive surgery using robots which is very efficient and effective. Book your appointment today to get the best from Premier Medical Group.

What is robotic surgery?

This is merely the use of a robotic surgical system to perform operations on patients. Depending on the patient’s situation, it can be perfumed solely or together with the traditional open surgical system. Robotic surgery is normally carried out using the da Vinci surgical system that consists of three components, including the console where the surgeon sits, the vision cart which connects all the three components to enable smooth communication, and the patient’s cart which holds the surgical equipment.

What does minimally invasive surgery entail?

This is a type of surgery that is characterized by a small incision. It means that the patient takes a shorter time in the hospital and has a quick recovery period. It is beneficial in that the patient loses less blood, therefore, there are fewer scars and the patient can return to normal life routine faster.

How does robotic surgery work?

Robotic surgical systems involve tiny incisions into the body, the insertion of miniaturized instruments, and the use of a three-dimensional camera that the surgeon from the console manipulates the instruments to perform the operation. The surgical system responds to the directions given by the surgeon.

Is a robotic surgical system effective?

The whole process solely relies on the directions of the surgeon. The robot cannot operate without directions from the surgeon, and it allows the surgeon to perform precise and delicate motions while controlling the machine. The robot enhances greater precision compared to human hands, hence is more effective.

Why is robotic surgery performed?

Some of the complex surgeries may not be possible in the traditional way of surgery. In such cases, robotic surgery comes in handy since it might be the only option to solve the problem because it provides flexibility that is required in complex surgeries. Robotic surgery enables the surgeon to thoroughly examine the area being operated on since some of the things cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Types of robotic surgery

  • Robotic prostate surgery

It is s surgery performed to treat the urinary problems caused by an enlarged prostate. Unlike the rational method where a large incision is made in the abdomen, robotic surgery makes use of small incisions and ensures that the blood vessels and nerves are not damaged.

  • Robotic kidney surgery

Robotic surgery is performed when one of the kidneys or part of it needs removal. It’s more effective since the incision is much smaller than the traditional method allowing a faster healing time.

Other surgeries include:

  • Colorectal surgery
  • Gallbladder surgery
  • Heart surgery
  • Urologic surgery

Advantages of robotic surgery

Robotic surgeries come with numerous advantages such as:

  • Fewer chances of getting infections
  • There is reduced pain due to smaller incisions
  • Minimal loss of blood
  • Less damage on tissues which leads to quick recovery
  • It enhances the performance of complex surgeries that were viewed as impossible or delicate

In summary, surgery has been simplified and made easier than ever. Call and book an appointment with Premier Medical Group for assistance.