Hair loss is most often associated with men. The familiar male pattern baldness that often occurs because these men have an excess of testosterone is very common and men in general don’t find it to be too much of a problem. With that being said, it is certainly of great concern for many. Of course, hair loss and hair thinning can also occur in women as well, but because it is not as common, society tends to single it out and isolate these people. In short, female hair loss can result in feelings of anxiety, depression, and social isolation.

Hair loss in women may be due to genetic factors, high levels of stress, disease, or medical treatments such as radiotherapy. Many women find themselves struggling with the fact that they are losing hair and try to find quick solutions. For some, wigs may suffice, but these are often noticeable and don’t provide the kind of confidence needed. In other cases, these women simply use a darkening spray that disguises the hair loss. Both treatments are usually ineffective at reducing the anxiety experienced.

Female Hair loss

Gaining New-Found Confidence

For people suffering with female hair loss in Newcastle, there are now some affordable treatments that can result in a lot more confidence. The Enhancer system, for example, is similar to the wigs and hairpieces that many women wear, but it offers the following distinct benefits:

  • Natural: The only hair used is human hair. This gives it a natural and flowing appearance. In addition, the way that the system is affixed to the scalp and the existing hair makes it look as if it had grown naturally.
  • Tailored solution: One of the key benefits is that each Enhancer hair system is customised to that woman’s scalp and hair condition. This means that every Enhancer solution is going to be different and each one will look natural for the woman in question.
  • Fixing: Unlike many other wigs and hairpieces, the Enhancer system does not use heat or glue to fix the hair. A unique close-fitting mesh is used instead, through which existing hair is pulled and the new hair is affixed. This method provides a head of hair that has body and looks and feels natural.
  • Styling: The fact that the system uses human hair that falls naturally means that it can also be cut and styled.

All of these benefits translate to more self-esteem and more self-confidence. The fact that the Enhancer system looks and feels natural means that it is virtually unnoticeable to others. For women who are suffering hair thinning or hair loss of any kind, this system allows them to be social once more.

Is This the Only Treatment?

Some women may find that hair extensions are needed. This is often the case when there is some thinning but there is still a lot of healthy hair left on the scalp. Once more, rather than using heat or glues, the natural human hair extensions are micro-beaded directly to existing healthy hair. This means that it is long-lasting and allows the woman to go about her life as normal.