The one essential ingredient for every diet, whether you want to build muscle or lose weight, is protein. While most people eat protein in the form of meat, they may not get enough to accomplish what they want in the gym. Here are some of the most popular protein supplements to help you accomplish your fitness goals.

Protein Powders

Many fitness enthusiasts use protein powders before they go to the gym to give them energy to push through their routines. They can quickly mix them with water or milk and add fruit to give them additional nutrients in their shake or smoothie. Whey protein powders are popular with bodybuilders and weightlifters because they are considered a complete protein, plus they contain the nine essential amino acids that helps build muscle.

Casein protein powders can help aid recovery after intense workouts and they also boost the immune system. Many people use this supplement before going to bed because casein protein takes several hours, up to seven, to break down in the body. It stays anabolic, which helps create muscle, overnight and can help better utilise the body’s protein.


Protein Bars

If you want to take in some protein before going to the gym but you’re not going until after work, toss a protein bar into your gym bag. The Protein Supermarket carries a variety of protein bars for energy, recovery, and weight gain. While protein bars can be used to replace meals, using them for weight loss can be tricky because many of them are high in sugar and calories.

The best bars will be high in protein, especially whey protein which is quickly absorbed in the body, and low in sugar. A protein bar is great to take on long bicycle rides, usually those over an hour, to provide the stamina you need to keep moving toward the finish line.

Pre-Made Protein Drinks

Pre-made protein drinks come in shake form, as protein energy waters, or as teas with added protein. They are easy to take with you when you are going to the gym or you can slip them into the pocket of your cycling jersey to drink during an intense ride or to use for recovery afterwards. Protein drinks from Protein Supermarket can be used to replace meals to help you lose weight.

As with protein powders, you can choose the type of protein that will be best for your body and for your planned activities. Many of the drinks are made with whey protein to help supply the amino acids you need to build lean muscle mass. However, some of them use casein or vegetable proteins to help your body recover from intense sessions in the gym or on the road.

Whether you want to build lean muscles or lose weight, using protein supplements can help you achieve those goals. Protein supplements take many forms, but the most common form used by most fitness enthusiasts is protein powders. However, protein bars and pre-made protein drinks are more convenient to take with you to the gym.