Oral health plays a vital role when it comes to quality of life. When your oral health is good, you don’t have to deal with the discomfort of sensitive teeth, cavities, infected gums and other issues. Although there’s a need for periodic visits to the dentist for routine oral care, there are also some problems that are better addressed by an emergency dentist. Why wait for your minor dental problem to spiral out of control? You can instead make a quick visit to an emergency dentist in Melbourne to help alleviate any discomfort and get you smiling again. This article details some problems that an emergency dentist can help you with.

Loose Tooth

Have a loose tooth and wondering whether or not to have it removed? You should visit an emergency dentist as soon as possible for assistance. It’s likely you’ll be feeling the tooth with your tongue, which can lead to discomfort since the gum may be swollen or even bleeding. An emergency dentist can quickly and effectively extract the loose tooth and stop the pain and sensitivity.

Lost Filling

When you’ve had fillings done, there’s no guarantee that each filling will stay in the intended condition. Sometimes fillings come out with actions such as biting on hard foods. Fortunately, emergency dentistscan help with a lost filling, ensuring you won’t have to experience pain and sensitivity for long.


Do you have a bad tooth that’s infected, broken or just painful? If you do, getting emergency dental care is the best course of action. Having a toothache can significantly impact on your life quality due to the discomfort that comes with the symptoms, including swelling and bleeding. Sometimes you might alsoexperience chewing difficulties. An emergency dentist in Melbourne can make all that go away by removing the tooth or providing a restorative treatment such as a filling or root canal.

Abscessed Tooth

Having an abscessed tooth can pose a serious risk to your health. It’s characterised by swollen gum tissue that looks like lumpy pockets. The pain is usually intense and is often caused by an infection. An emergency dentist will remove the fluid filling the tissues andeliminate the pain and discomfort.

Loss of a Permanent Tooth

When children’sbaby teeth fall out, this is nothing to worry about,as the teeth will eventually grow back in. However, adults aren’t so lucky, as once an adult tooth falls out, you must act fast to save it.  If the tooth is still feasible, an emergency dentist can help implant it back. When a tooth falls out, wash it thoroughly in salted water before fitting it into the gap, or put it in a cup of milk until you arrive at the dental office. How fast you act will determine how successful the tooth implant will be.

Repair Services

An emergency dentist in Melbourne can also provide repair services to achieve flawless dental work. When a tooth becomes damaged or chipped, an emergency dentist will be able to repair it perfectly to give you a beautiful smile.