Erectile dysfunction can be a daunting problem, especially if it affects younger men, who are often not ready to face the sudden failures in the bedroom (if impotence is starting to get to you, you can visit to obtain high-quality ED medications, which are going to improve your performance greatly). Sometimes the reasons behind ED are quite clear, but in some cases, it may be really hard to find out what causes this common male problem. One of the most unexpected causes for ED, which was discovered in a study back in 2012, is poor dental health.
The researchers have noticed that a lot of men who reported erectile problems also suffered from periodontitis (a disease that affects the gums). They decided to conduct a study to check if these two facts are connected, and eventually they did find a link between these two seemingly unrelated conditions. As it turned out, patients with periodontitis tend to have insufficient amounts of eNOS enzyme in their bodies, which leads to limited production capability for nitric oxide. Nitric oxide happens to be the catalyst for an erection, prompting the muscles to relax and increasing the blood flow to the penis. In a way, nitric oxide works like Viagra, except that it is produced by the body itself, not supplied from the outside in pills. Thus, when there is not enough nitric oxide in the body, men are incapable of developing and maintaining an erection.

These results were first obtained from studying rats, and then confirmed in human patients, too. Researchers suppose that gum inflammation, which is a common symptom of periodontitis, interferes with eNOS enzyme production, thus leading to erectile problems. What’s more, medical evidence shows that constant inflammation in the mouth (which may be the result of not only periodontitis, but also some other dental conditions) may contribute to the likelihood of suffering from such serious medical conditions as various cancers, heart disease and diabetes.
If you have been diagnosed with ED and your oral hygiene is far from perfect, maybe that is the real reason for your delicate problem. If you decide to address the problem and visit a dentist, it might take a while until your gums are treated, the inflammation is reduced and the production of eNOS enzyme is restored back to normal. You’d probably want to go on with your life while you are waiting for your ability to develop and maintain an erection to come back, and fortunately, there is a number of drugs that can help you do just that.
Generic ED drugs are a great way to address most erectile difficulties without breaking the bank. Their attractive price is explained by the fact that generic medications are produced by third-party manufacturers who generally do not invest into the development, testing and marketing of the pharmaceuticals. All that is done by the original drug developer, who is rewarded by being able to patent the drug formula, so that for some time no other manufacturer can legally produce analogs of the medication according to the same formula. However, once the patent expires, third-party manufacturers can figure out the original formula and launch the production of a new, generic drug. Generic drugs have no rights to the packaging and brand name of the original pharmaceutical, so they are usually not marketed at all. That way, they can be significantly cheaper as compared to their branded analogs.
As you can see, the human body is a complicated system and sometimes the connections between various medical conditions are not obvious at all. It is important that you maintain your body in proper shape to avoid any unpleasant surprises, such as getting erectile dysfunction from inflamed gums. So, better make an appointment with your dentist, and don’t forget the flossing, too!