Perio & Implant Centers Monterey Bay- Silicon Valley

Perio & Implant Centers Monterey Bay- Silicon Valley

Perio & Implant Centers Monterey Bay- Silicon Valley

Are you in need of a renowned periodontal practice center, and you’re in Monterey Bay and Silicon Valley? The professionals at Monterey bone grafting Centers have been in this service for an extended period. Their center has gained immense reputation from the numerous success stories. The success stories are a result of seeking the best in everything.

They have a skilled and experienced group of dedicated dental practitioners headed by an experienced periodontist JochenPechak. Their goal is to provide the best possible treatment and care to every patient of theirs. Their treatment is individual-based and personal, from testing to treatment. The wide array of the team of a dentists also ensures that they diversify their services to include:

  •       Tooth Removal
  •       Dental Implants
  •       Bone Grafting, among other services.

This has been made possible through the addition and adoption of the latest technological innovations. In their center, we are making use of the LANAP laser dentistry, a cutting edge dental technology. They have adopted technologies that improve precision in dental technology. You rest assured that when it comes to your oral hygiene, they have you covered.

Apart from being well equipped, the center and the entire dental team are certified in every form of sedation for sleep dentistry to ensure that you’re comfortable during the procedure.

When you decide to visit their offices, rest assured that they have your comfort in mind. From the office design to the customer care, they ensure that you’re in the best hands. The staff is fluent in Hindu, Germany, Greek, Spanish, English, and Tagalog. The diversification in language does show you how renowned they are and how to better serve every client.

They offer different services in their center, including:

  •       LANAP Laser Dentistry
  •       Gum Disease treatment
  •       Bone Grafting
  •       Sleep Dentistry
  •       All-on-4
  •       Dental Implants

Bone Grafting

As a service offered at their center, it aims to improve the quality and quantity of the jaw bone. The operation is conducted in such a way that a donor gives their bone matrix, which is later absorbed by the jaw bone and makes it more durable than before.

The procedure is conducted on individuals who require sturdy and robust jaw bone to ensure that it can comfortably hold the metal post of an implant.

At their center, you first undergo check-ups and tests, after which the doctor offers the best sound advice. If they believe that you require the bone graft procedure, they will advise you accordingly. Honesty is their main principle.

During this procedure, they also help you out in the healing process. They ensure to inject you with platelet-rich fibrin (PRF), which accelerates your tissue growth which increases the healing process and provides fast wound recovery.

Contact us today and get the best bone grafting procedure. Bone grafting at Perio& Implant Centre of Monterey assures you of the best outcome and restoration of any quantity of bone.

Make an appointment today through a phone call or online, and you won’t regret it.

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