Do you have tots with small teeth at your home or do you expect them soon? Are you a caregiver for toddlers, babies or preschoolers? Are you a teacher? If your answer is yes, you should start getting ready for the first visit to a dentist.

Choosing a dentist for your baby

In recent years, various dental schools have released thousands of dentists to offer dental services to children. However, not every dentist is comfortable with handling kids. This implies that you need to spot a dentist who will handle your toddler well. Here are some tips to help you find a competent dentist for your child.

Contact the dentist’s office and find out the age the dentist handles especially for the kids who are visiting for the first time.  I strongly advise that you settle for a dentist who accepts to see kids who have never visited a dentist.

Find out if the dentist specializes in taking care of young children. Here are a few tips for spotting such a dentist.

  • Inquire from friends and relatives especially who have kids
  • Check your phone book. Perhaps one of the dentists you know can offer such services
  • Visit, the official website for American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and click on “find a dentist”. Depending on your location and other factors, the website will suggest a few dentists and their contact information.

Pediatric Dentistry

Prepare for age one dental visit

The primary reason for taking your kid to a dentist at the age of 1 is to learn your baby’s oral health and how you can give the baby maximum care before dental problems begin cropping up. Note that you can prevent dental problems if you know how to strengthen the child’s dental health. The perfect way of preparing for such an early visit is by defining what you need to know, what you are searching for and what to expect from the dentist. Therefore, be prepared to look for an office that is:

  • Guardian and baby-friendly
  • Has vast knowledge regarding child’s oral health, growth and development
  • Highly responsive to inquiries
  • Kind and gentle towards the kid
  • Focused on what is best for your child
  • Specific when it comes to advise on how to care for your kid’s dental health
  • Offers contact information and emergency services in case of dental problems

Pediatricians and dentists call such an office a dental home.  If you are scared of taking your baby to a dentist, you can request a close relative to accompany you.

What to expect at the dental office

At the dental office you should expect the dentist to:

  • Review the child’s history
  • Respond to your concerns and questions
  • Discuss various issues regarding the child’s dental health with you

If your kid is visiting a dentist for the first time, pediatric dentistry Richmond Hill is ready to make the visit a success. Remember, your kid’s oral health is very important.