Nutrition and Oral Health

Nutrition and Oral Health

Nutrition and Oral Health

For optimal health and wellness, the body requires proper nutrition, eating a well-balanced diet. Diets lower in nutrients than what the body needs causes infection in the mouth. According to Chandler family dentist, the periodontal disease causing tooth loss is mainly caused by poor nutrition. Although researchers have not concluded that poor diets directly cause periodontal disease, it is more severe in people with malnutrition.

If you want your children to have healthy teeth, practice good oral hygiene habits coupled with a well-balanced diet. They will develop healthy teeth that are decay-resistant. The major nutrients required for healthy teeth include calcium, phosphorus, and fluoride, which can be found in proper toothpastes.

Eating a poor diet can cause gum disease and tooth decay. Foods rich in carbohydrates and starch cause the formation of plaque acids that attack the tooth’s enamel.  With time the enamel breaks down, forming a cavity. It is recommended that sugary foods and starch be eaten during meals rather than between meals. Sticky foods are more likely to cause the production of plaques. There is high saliva production during meals, which helps in rinsing food and acids from the mouth.

All food that contains any sugar can lead to tooth decay. It doesn’t mean that you avoid all food; milk and vegetables also have some sugars but are an essential part of a healthy diet. It is recommended that you avoid food that is rich in added sugars like candies and soft drinks.

Whether for yourself or for your children, to keep teeth healthy is a combination of several factors, from oral hygiene habits like flossing daily, brushing your teeth twice daily, paying regular visits to the dentist, and eating a well-balanced diet. All these are healthy habits for healthy teeth. Sugary food is a significant cause of tooth decay. However, you don’t have to avoid the food altogether. Consume sugary foods occasionally rather than making them a staple food.

Putting into consideration to make low sugar foods part of your meal plan will help have healthy teeth in the future. A variety of foods is required to maintain a balanced diet. There are five major food and nutrient groups: vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats; each of them plays a vital role in developing healthy teeth. It is recommended that you eat nutritious food like cheese, raw veggies, plain yogurt, or fruit as snacks rather than candies and sweets.

In conclusion, oral hygiene is an essential aspect of taking proper care of your teeth. This practice alone cannot entirely curb tooth decay. A well balanced diet is vital to maintaining healthy teeth. Visit Aquila Dental for detailed diet advice and all your dental problems. Our specialized dentists will give attention to your questions and walk with you during your recovery journey. We aim to see a smiling generation. We have the state of the art equipment, and therefore you get all the services you need under one roof.

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