Years ago I started studying bodybuilding in order to improve my physical appearance.  I was tired of being chubby and out of shape and it was time to make a change.  I joined a local gym and started working out several times a week.

I saw some improvements instantly: I was building muscle and getting stronger.  I did start to lose a little bit of fat and my waistline was getting smaller.  My energy improved and I was starting to feel better about myself.  Things were going in the right direction:  I was growing in the right places and also shrinking in the right places.  The transformation was happening, slowly but surely.

But I did reach a point where I realized I had to get a lot more serious about my diet.  Before I started this journey I pretty much ate whatever I wanted, and I kind of kept that attitude/habit during my first few months of training.  Now it was time to change that.

I also decide to see if there was anything I could take that would help with my fat loss.  It seemed like most of the supplements where just scams and not worth my time and money.


But I did run across something called the EC Stack on a few bodybuilding forums.  This particular formula really became popular in the 90’s when more people learned about it.  I decided to try it.

I have to say I was impressed by the results.  The first thing it did was completely take away my appetite.  I almost had to force myself to eat!  But in addition it gave me a really nice boost of energy.  This helped me to keep training while I was on a strict diet.

Overall I have to say the EC stack was really helpful–one of the only things I’ve run across that works.  Just be sure to talk to your doctor before trying it because it is not advisable for all people (especially those with health issues like high blood pressure).