Dental implant ads are becoming more common every day. We see ads for cheap options, specially designed implants, mini implants and a lot more. Unfortunately, you cannot trust everything you read online or see in ads when referring to anything. This does include dental implants. It is important that you especially do not believe the following misconceptions as being true.

All Doctors Can Use Dental implants

It is commonly believed that all dentists can surgically place a dental implant. This is completely incorrect as the surgical training that a good doctor that performs such a procedure is so much more than what the regular family dentist goes through. General dentists will actually tell you that they cannot do the dental implant and will refer you to someone else.

Dental Implant Treatment Specialized Expertise

Various dentists will tell you that they have specialized expertise through various credentials but these should not be taken as they are. Credentials like these are not actually recognized by dental associations. Implant dentistry is still not a specialty that is recognized at the moment because there are various restorative aspects and surgical aspects that are necessary.

Special Cheap Deals

Remember that whenever you are looking at a deal that looks great, almost unreal, you have to be extremely careful. A bargain dental implant will rarely turn out to be great. In many situations we are faced with dentists that are cutting corners, leading to so many serious problems in the future. A redone treatment would be necessary and it is going to cost a lot more than it could have if the implant was properly done during the first procedure.

The Mini Implant Option

We often see mini implants presented as being affordable and perfect to stabilize dentures. What various patients do not know is that these are just a simple short term solution. Going through this procedure and thinking it will last is something that can lead to various huge problems that would have to be solved in the future. A traditional implant would be a whole lot better than the mini implant.

Over-Advertising The Implant Center

There are different dental clinics that advertise themselves as super good centers for dental implants. They will say they are industry leaders and that their experience is far superior. You are promised to get all the work done really fast but at the end of the day, most of these ads are just ads. They are built to sell and not to inform.


Such a concept is incredibly attractive as it is ideal to get everything done in just one day. Dental implants can be placed in one day but the process is definitely going to take a whole lot more. This does include diagnostics and planning appointments. Then we have final prosthetics delivery, which also lasts some time.


Do be sure that you are as informed as possible when you choose where you will get a dental implant done. Research is important and you should never blindly believe the ads you see.