Among the parts of the body one of the most important parts is the teeth. It is the part which helps in grinding the food, and also helps in many small actions of the body. It also helps in delivering our opinion to others in the form of speech. Those teeth are of many types which get changed according to our growth.

Structure of teeth:

The structure of teeth starts with the incisors and canines which forms the front teeth in which incisors have straight edges which are used to cut the food.

  • Canines are slightly pointed when compared to the incisors and they are engaged in holding the pieces of food for grinding.
  • The back teeth are occupied by molars and premolars. These two back teeth help in chewing the food thus rendering support to the jaws.
  • During their life time humans tend to have two types of teeth namely baby teeth and permanent teeth. Those two teeth occupy our lifetime.

Functions of teeth:

There are various functions of teeth which are to be involved in various processes of the body. They are to be stated as follows.

Both the front and back teeth helps in chewing and cutting the food into pieces.

Teeth also play a major role in digestion.

Teeth are the major part for our speech to be perfect.

Irregular teeth shape may lead to imperfection in the speech and may also change your appearance.

Tooth loss may also make some strain to the individual while speaking and they may also think to feel awkward.

Problems due to irregular shaped teeth and tooth loss:

There are many problems are bound to take place due to the tooth loss and also some problems may arise in an individual with irregular shaped teeth.

  • Many researches have stated that due to crooked or irregular teeth one may face irregular jaw development.
  • Crooked teeth are due to tongue thrusting, mouth breathing, reverse swallowing and thumb sucking.
  • Gum diseases are more prevalent in this type of crooked teeth.
  • It also makes difficulty in cleaning teeth.
  • Also increases the cause of tooth injuries.
  • It involves in creating chewing difficulties and also tends to give bad breath.
  • As irregular shaped teeth may also decreases the overall strength of the body.

Solution for teeth disorders:

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