Is It Lupus?
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Is It Lupus?

Lupus is a condition that involves an immune system turning against part of the body. It can appear at any point in a person’s life and could become painful without proper care. Searching through the symptoms and signs could lead patients to reach out to Dr. Jeffrey Miller in Tampa. From there, the doctor or specialist can help provide a diagnosis as well as treatment if needed.

Dry Eyes

The eyes may not seem like a part of what lupus harms, but they are just as vulnerable. The appearance of dryness in the eyes may not in itself be a sign, but it could be paired with other symptoms in the final diagnosis of lupus. For many, it could just be dry eyes that need treatment via artificial tears or gels; others could see this as a significant sign that something is wrong.

Breathing Issues

The respiratory system is especially prone to immune-based issues since inflammations often reach the lungs. With so many medications also targeting the entire respiratory system, it is easy to see why so many symptoms involve this part of the body. Tightness in the chest is one of the symptoms that can be associated with Lupus. This symptom also appears with conditions like asthma and COPD, both unrelated to the disease itself. If someone has been diagnosed with either before the Lupus diagnosis, the patient may see an increase in asthma attacks.


A frequent symptom of Lupus is regular headaches. There is no particular level of severity with levels ranging from a mild ache to a full-blown headache akin to migraines. Once again, the underlying causes could come from anything, yet it remains one of the most mentioned signs that accompanies Lupus. A doctor can help distinguish between the disease and other conditions with a few simple tests. Choices to diagnosis include MRIs, Cat Scans, and blood tests.

Abnormal Urine

Normal urine colors and consistencies can vary based on considerations such as diets. For many, the signs of Lupus can be hard to spot through bathroom breaks, yet it can be valuable in diagnosing the condition itself. The kidneys take a hit from Lupus as it attacks the way these organs process nutrients and fluids which will then become waste. Kidneys, of a person with Lupus, produce a different texture of urine with a head of foaming texture that accompanies each urination. It may also feel hotter when coming out of the body or somewhat different in nature than it otherwise would in standard conditions.


Rashes can appear anywhere on the body. With Lupus, these rashes occur on the face and could be inflamed. Not all rashes could be associated with the condition itself, so look at the placement of the rash as well as the degree of redness. A broad shape that sticks to the middle of the face and extends over the area could be considered a marker of this disease.