Several reasons can make you regret some of your tattoos, needing to have them removed. You are not alone. About one-quarter of those with tattoos develop the need to have them removed at some point in their lives. When seeking tattoo removal in Brooklyn Heights, you can consider advanced Spectra laser techniques to enjoy better benefits over other laser treatments. Many people have so many thoughts about laser tattoo removal, and you might have some of your own. But here are some vital facts about laser tattoo removal to clear your mind.

The Duration of Tattoo Removal

Almost everyone seeking laser tattoo removal wants to know how long it will take for their unpleasant tattoo to disappear. Understand that the tattoo removal process depends on your body’s ability to clear the ink from your skin. The duration for tattoo removal may vary from one patient to another. It is crucial to discuss with your doctor and set expectations before beginning the process to make you satisfied and comfortable throughout the process. Generally, a minimum of six weeks is required between the laser sessions. Note that the nature of your tattoo may also affect the removal duration. It can be complicated, making it difficult to remove or simply making it easy to eliminate.


If you are concerned about pain during tattoo removal, understand that you will typically experience some degree of pain, but it is nothing intolerable. Yes, it hurts, but you can bear the discomfort. It will hurt less than you could expect, and you can compare the sensation to that when you had the tattoo applied. But ensure you discuss possible ways to improve your comfort during the treatment with your doctor.


Everybody wants their skin to look as natural as possible before getting the tattoo. This goal can make you concerned about scars but understand this; if your tattoo features a scar, that will remain. However, you should not expect scarring with a qualified provider utilizing proper laser protocols and your aftercare. Ensure you touch your tattoo and consult your doctor to understand if it has pre-existing scarring.

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Revising a Tattoo

Sometimes you might be displeased with an existing tattoo, but you do not wish to eliminate it. Understandably, your likes can change over time and what you can do is revise the tattoos you no longer like. You might gain from selective removal where some parts of a larger tattoo are erased. This revision can happen where you like the design of the tattoo but dislike the wording. You can also gain from fading before a cover-up where you can fade your tattoo to have another drawn in its place.

Side Effects

You should expect side effects when seeking laser tattoo removal. You can do adequate research and consult your doctor to understand what you can expect and do to improve your comfort. It will also help you commit to the entire process and understand what you will expect to make proper preparations. You can expect common effects like tenderness, redness, blistering, swelling, bruising, scabs, hyperpigmentation, and hypopigmentation. But all these are only temporal when proper protocols are followed.

You do not have to tolerate those tattoos you no longer like. The Heights Aesthetic Laser Center laser tattoo removal experts can help you understand how you can effectively eliminate those unlikeable tattoos. Book your appointment and equip yourself with relevant questions about the process.