If you miss some teeth but not the entire teeth in the jawline, you can opt for partial dentures. To get one, you can search for partial dentures in Columbia, and you’ll get all the details about the places where you have the procedure done. But if you want to know more about partial dentures, this article will answer your questions.

What are partial dentures?

Partial dentures are the teeth that you can remove according to your need, which replace multiple or single gaps of teeth in the lower or upper jawline. Partial dentures are only for missing teeth and not the whole teeth in the jawline. But if the remaining teeth are also not in good condition, the doctor may suggest you remove all the teeth and get full dentures.

Partial dentures will enhance your look. But not only that, the dentures will help you in chewing and speaking clearly. The dentures hold the remaining natural teeth, which may shift over time.

You will not have to wear partial dentures throughout the day. You can easily remove them at night and clean them before bed. Cleaning your partial dentures is important. Otherwise, the teeth beside them may decay. The removal of the dentures and the fact that you have to clean them, or they worry about how they would make it a less chosen option. But that won’t be an issue. Regular visits to the dentist and maintaining them will easily last them for 6-7 years.

Important things you need to know before getting partial dentures

What is the need for partial dentures?

Have you removed your teeth or met an injury? Partial dentures are your savior. Who wants missing teeth? It will make you conscious about how you look and level down your confidence, let alone say looks. In a situation like this, go to the dentist and get it fixed. The dentist will take measurements and construct your missing teeth.

What are the types of partial dentures?

You can choose from several options you have while getting partial dentures. The material means of the dentures differ, and you can choose which one will be convenient for you. The options are metal or plastic.

Final Words

To sum everything up, partial dentures are your best option if you have had an accident or lost teeth. Based on studies in 2017, a survey shows that about 30% of adults in the United States are missing teeth. Talk to a dentist in Columbia and get your worries sorted.