How to Reduce Saddlebags

How to Reduce Saddlebags

How to Reduce Saddlebags

A Common Occurrence

Saddlebags are very common. In fact, more than half of all women get saddlebags, a type of fat distribution in which their lower body becomes visibly larger than the upper side. This happens when excess fat accumulates in the outer parts of the thighs, giving the woman a distinct pear shape. The term “saddlebags” became popular because the appearance is reminiscent of side bags on a horse or motorcycle. They occur for many reasons but the most dominant cause is genetics because the information in your genes dictate where fat is stored in the body. Some women get an even distribution throughout the body while others are not so lucky. Diet also plays a major role. Patients who visit Marina Med Spa for saddlebag treatment often quickly get rid of the problem with safe, minimally invasive treatments.

Smartlipo Procedure

Smartlipo is a minimally invasive procedure that uses a highly effective laser liposuction technique to reduce saddlebags. The procedure is also highly effective in other areas of the body, for instance, the abdominal area and love handles. It is done under local anesthesia. Smartlipo works by gently melting the fat in the thighs, then suctioning it out of the body. Unlike other liposuction procedures, the heating and melting are done prior to removal of fat to ensure the skin is tight and the fat is suctioned with ease. To prevent excessive tissue damage, tiny instruments are used.

Smartlipo has very little downtime and discomfort post-procedure. A majority of the patients choose not to take a sedative so they can be able to drive home from the procedure. Others are able to return straight to work and perform other physical activities like exercises the very next day. Patients who undergo the procedure should expect some minor swelling and tenderness in the affected area, which will dissipate over a few weeks. However, you’ll be required to wear a compression garment for about two to three weeks post-procedure. Although most patients don’t bruise during the procedure, there is a chance it might occur. If it does, there is no need for much concern as it resolves in a very short time.

Sculpsure Procedure

Smartsure is a non-invasive and non-surgical warm laser treatment for fat reduction. It was the first FDA-approved procedure of its kind. It uses a hyperthermic device that destroys fat cells with heat in unwanted areas in the body. With each treatment, the laser energy heats and destroys the fat cells underneath the skin, while a contact cooling system ensures the skin remains cool and prevents burns as the heat is delivered to the fat and the surrounding tissues. The procedure results in up to 24% fat reduction. At least two treatments are recommended for best results.

Following the procedure, you will be able to continue with normal physical activities. The side effects include some tenderness in the treated area, but this dissipates after a few days. Because the procedure relies on the body to eliminate disrupted fat cells naturally, the results will vary from patient to patient, and it’s much less predictable than a surgical body contouring procedure.

Choosing the Best Procedure

The two procedures differ in the fact that one is non-invasive, while the other is minimally invasive. Although both are effective, the choice of treatment will depend on how much reduction the patient wants, if the patient can wear compression garments, their budget, and lifestyle.


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