Keeping your e-cigarette coil in good operating order will not only lower your e-cigarette costs. However, it also improves the scent and flavor.Even though the coil คอยล์ cannot be used indefinitely, wouldn’t it be better if we know why and how to make it live longer in order to save money?

7 techniques for extending the life of an e-cigarette coil

  1. Prepare the e-cigarette coils.
  2. Sweetened solutions should be avoided.
  3. Match the wattage to the coil’s resistance.
  4. Actions that reduce the life of e-cigarette coils
  5. Potency of nicotine
  6. Before changing the coil, always drain the tank.
  7. If it is not absolutely required, do not burn the coil.
  8. Prepare the e-cigarette coils

This is a critical step in extending the coil’s life. When replacing a new coil, after applying the solution, it must be allowed for at least 5 minutes for a cotton swab to absorb the solution.After that, begin pumping at a reduced power and pump momentarily, then gradually increase the power and continue normal pumping. This will increase the life of the e-cigarette coil and keep it from burning.


  1. Avoid using sweetening liquids.

Sweetened e-liquids are another crucial component that substantially reduces coil life.Sweeteners are known to clog the coil and cause it to decay faster. If you are hooked to a sweetened solution and the coil needs to be replaced on a regular basis.We recommend that you use high-quality reagents. Premium solutions are dependable because they employ high-quality sweeteners in lesser amounts.At the same time, dark liquids lead to coil life reduction. If you want to be kind on your coil, choose a light-colored or translucent solution.

3.Adjust the wattage to meet the coil’s resistance.

Proper power usage will not only provide you with a satisfying e-cigarette experience, but it will also decrease coil strain.Manufacturers provide the necessary wattage for that coil in most contemporary e-cigarette coils, which will be quite helpful for novices.

  1. Habits that reduce the lifespan of e-cigarette coils

Despite the fact that the solution tastes fantastic. As a result, smokers frequently overlook dangerous habits that cause vape coils to burn on a daily basis.It is important to understand that if you use an electric pot, the smoking technique does not have to be long-haul because the coil is tiny, leading the cotton wool to absorb the solution over time.

The proper technique to smoke is to smoke naturally; 1-3 seconds is all that is required because the liquid used in the electric pot is pumped with a few bites and it is already full.

  1. Nicotine potency

Use a nicotine concentration solution that is right for you. If you use a solution with insufficient nicotine, you will smoke more than necessary.Excessive usage may cause your coil to wear out much quicker than normal, so if your current solution isn’t working, consider switching to one with more nicotine.

  1. Before changing the coil, always drain the tank.

This is for electric pots with separate coils and tank heads, or, to put it another way, coils that can be removed.The rationale for cleaning the tank before changing the coil is to avoid the old solution from sticking in the tank and combining with the fresh solution that we will put in it.

If you look attentively, you will find that the previous solution in the tank is notably black or darker. Your new coil will become blocked faster if it is not cleaned and included at all.Always completely dry the tank after emptying it. Do not combine the solution with the water used to clean the tank. Otherwise, the coil might be harmed.

7.Do not burn the coil unless absolutely essential.

Many smokers prefer to activate the e-cigarette without inhaling it in order to burn the leftover liquid in the coil. However, this is an easy remedy.However, it causes your coil to wear out faster by putting extra stress on it and weakening its structure.