Are you always tired? Do you feel as if there’s not enough coffee to keep you awake during the day? Have you tried getting extra sleep and even going to bed earlier? Even if you’re tried all of these things, you still might not feel your very best during the day.

The human body requires a specific type of consistency in order to stay energetic. This can include all sorts of factors. Take dieting, for instance. If you eat an extremely unbalanced diet, how can you expect your body to behave consistently?

Well, another important factor is sleep. And while sleeping the same amount each night is important, sometimes it’s more about the way you sleep rather than the amount of sleep you get or whether you go to bed at the exact same time every single night.

Inspiring Deep Sleep

Some people don’t ever get into deep sleep, especially when they’re uncomfortable. However, deep sleep is really important, especially if you want to feel well-rested. There are several contributing factors when it comes to achieving deep sleep and they all have to do with avoiding disruptions. Typically, the later stages of sleep happen after you’ve already been asleep for several hours or most of the night. When a disruption happens, you could risk missing your chance to get into deep sleep.

One cause of disruption is discomfort. A bad mattress can definitely contribute to this problem. The trick to having a good mattress is not how it feels when you first lie down but how it holds up after being in the bed for several hours. If you find yourself waking up early because of soreness or stiffness, this is most likely a sign that you need a new mattress.

How a New Mattress Helps

Getting a new mattress can make a big difference. If you cannot stay asleep in the early morning hours before you need to wake up, you’ll risk completely missing your opportunity to get deep sleep, which rejuvenates the body much more than the lighter stages of sleep can.

Now, there are several different types of mattresses and not all of them are universal for all types of people. Some people find that they prefer something more soft and spring-based while others prefer something a little more firm such as memory foam. Further, there are types such as water mattresses and feather ones as well and there are usually different grades of softness designed to alleviate sleep problems. You can check out a website such as to get a better idea of how different mattresses help different types of people.

Getting a new mattress requires some research but if you’re interested in a healthier sleeping life, you might find that comfort is the key to avoiding disruptions. The more thoroughly that you sleep before it’s time to wake up, the more refreshed you’ll feel. Feeling refreshed can make the coffee last longer and keep you healthy and focused for the entire day, making it much easier to get through work and evenings without dozing off.