There are many reasons that a person will need to know how to get a birth certificate replacement. Important documents can be lost if your house has burned down or if it has been flooded, and they can vanish when moving to a different location. It can be stressful to be without this proof of birth, as it is a necessary thing to have in today’s world.

Uses for Your Birth Certificate

You will need to know how to get a birth certificate replacement if your original has been lost and if you wish to enroll for government benefits, go to military school, apply for some jobs, replace your driver’s license, or apply for a passport. For some, it is a necessary item to prove their citizenship, as many citizens have been born abroad on military bases. Others still may have been born to an American citizen traveling out of the country.  No matter where you were born, having your birth certificate is vital for proving your basic information.

Conventional Means of Replacing Your Birth Certificate

There has traditionally been a method of getting a birth certificate that is lengthy and somewhat complicated. It may require that you go through a government agency or website, and, in some cases, you must mail your notarized request to the department responsible for handling birth certificate replacements. You would first need to find the specific division that handles this in the state in which you were born. There is a fee involved, and you generally will need to supply them with identifying items, such as a driver’s license or passport. The wait time until your request is processed can take weeks.

This procedure can take even longer if you were not born in this country. You would need to write or type your notarized request along with more identifying information, a larger fee, and a longer wait time. Fees can range from $50 to $555, depending on the circumstances surrounding your birth and means of citizenship. Thankfully, there are better ways to do this, and it need not be a headache to get your vital paperwork replaced.

A Faster Method

You can bypass the long waiting period by going online and using a service that will file your request with the appropriate governmental agency within a day or two. You can sometimes even place your order within a few minutes. That means no going to visit the DMV, having to write a notarized letter, or needing to wait for your request to travel through the mail and then be sorted.

Usually with this method, you will have access to customer service and will be able to ask questions. Online methods are considered secure, and you can pay immediately instead of having to wait weeks for your check to be cashed by the government. You can also do this 24 hours a day and will not have to trek to an office that is only open certain hours during the week.