How to Encourage Children to Brush Their Teeth

Children love nothing more than getting dirty, it cannot be denied. Whether it is getting an ice cream cone all over themselves, or jumping into muddy puddles, the textures and colors of the world around them are infinitely fascinating to developing minds.

Children still need to ensure that they take care of a very important part of their bodies: their teeth. Regular visits to leading oral hygiene practitioners like the experts at Hawley Lane Dental will ensure that they stay on the right track.

While visiting the dentist every now and then is indeed a vital component of successful oral hygiene, children need to begin building their teeth brushing practices, and to learn of the importance of keeping a regime of brushing, flossing and mild mouthwash gargling going.

Buying the Toothbrush

Children go crazy with excitement when it is time to buy toys, which is why you need to incorporate such a thrilling experience into buying one of the many brightly colored and themed toothbrushes for kids.

If a child can approach their toothbrush in the same way that they do their beloved action figure or doll, then they will be able to formalize some concrete values for such an instrument, and be able to make sure that they use them every single day.

Children often struggle to take the more ‘boring’ activities of everyday life seriously, but they will undoubtedly take much interest in something that is presented in a vibrant and exhilarating way.

For these reasons, it is very important that the toothbrush that you get your child is as cute or cool as possible, and you need to make sure that your child picks it themselves, in order to foster a proper bond with it.

Children will often refuse to take to something if it is thrust onto them, you are best going about the fostering of this foundational relationship by permitting them to handpick their toothbrush themselves.

Make Up A Story

It can be difficult to try and convince children of the seriousness of tooth decay, cavities, and plaque. Their minds, depending on their age and level of mental development, simply may not be able to understand the scientific information you are providing.

What we know children engage with very effectively though, however, are stories. You may not be the most talented storyteller, but if you can incorporate some kind of relevant cartoon character or fairytale background into your rhetoric, such fables could go a long way to convincing the young brain that the pursuit of oral hygiene is indeed an important and worthy one.

The Routine Will Come in Time

No matter how old we are, we humans are creatures of habit. If you can make something seem attractive and worthwhile, then a child will indeed soon create the mental circuits needed to facilitate a daily application.

We all take time to get used to new things, so be patient and understanding with your child. Help them to understand the importance of taking care of their bodies including their teeth.

George Abbot

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