Many people across the world experience suicidal thoughts in one way or another. Suicidal thoughts are brought by mental problems such as stress, traumas, depression, and others. However, apart from having thoughts of taking your life, other people take their life. According to specialists, suicidal thoughts can be experienced in adults, teenagers, and children above ten years. It is vital to seek help once you have disturbing thoughts before taking a step of suicide. Seeking help from a professional therapist is essential since some therapies may not cope with your situation. Jacksonville suicidal thoughts are specialists you can book an appointment with for one-on-one therapy.

The common causes of suicidal thoughts

There are many causes of brain problems that result from a variety of life situations. Some causes of suicidal thoughts include:

  •       Relationship problems. Relationship problems are the leading cause of suicidal thoughts among teenagers and young married men and women. The thought of suicide occurs after a breakup or being in an unfaithful marriage. However, relationship and marriage experts can help you cope with the situation and enable you to move on.
  •       Financial problems. This mostly happens to single mothers and fathers. When you are a single parent, it may become difficult to raise and provide everything to your children. Lack of a job is the major cause of being financially unstable. Most developing countries are hit by the menace of lack of employment.
  •       Death of a loved one. You can develop suicidal thoughts when your loved one dies. This affects women more than men, and when not coped with, it can cause physical death.  
  •       Domestic violence. Domestic violence is prevalent in many families in the world. When you are involved in domestic violence, you can suffer depression and stress. Depression can lead to suicidal thoughts if not treated early. 

However, there are other factors that can lead to an increase in suicidal thoughts. Some of these factors include bipolar disorder, depression, traumatic brain injuries, severe diseases and illness, post-traumatic stress disorder, and schizophrenia.  Below are some symptoms of suicidal thoughts.  

Symptoms of suicidal thoughts

There are many signs and symptoms that are associated with suicidal thoughts. They include:

  •       Feeling hopeless and trapped in your mind
  •       Having emotional variation
  •       Increased use of alcohol and drugs
  •       Self-isolation from other people
  •       Feeling guilty and shameful

Below are some ways you can cope with suicidal thoughts

How to cope with suicidal thoughts

Having a therapist is the most known way of coping with suicidal thoughts. Your therapist will ask you to explain the cause of the thoughts in your mind and try to help you. If no progress is seen, medication such as antidepressants can be offered to slow down your thinking. Other medicines such as sleep enhancement pills can be added to help you get to sleep.

Suicidal thoughts can bring a very negative impact on our societies. It is vital to cope with these issues before they cause more death. Ketamine Therapeutics has the best therapists who can help you with your suicidal thoughts. Consult them today and save a life.