For neuromusculoskeletal and chronic pain conditions, it would be best that you seek professional help before your symptoms advance to more serious disorders. Prime Regenerative and Pain Management is at the forefront of Fredericksburg injections. Engage the specialists to receive your customized treatment plan and achieve optimal health.

About Practice

Prime Regenerative and Pain Management is a premier practice located in Stafford, Fredericksburg, and Woodbridge, Virginia, under physician Dev Sen, MD. Dr. Sen is a board-certified physician in pain management and physical medicine and rehabilitation. He brings more than two decades of experience in treating patients suffering from neuromusculoskeletal conditions and chronic pain problems.

Dr. Sen brings combined expertise in physiatry, pain medicine, and electrodiagnostic medicine to his practice, where he has been the top clinician in his field for many years. For the first time in his area, Dr. Sen will provide services such as bone marrow aspiration using cutting-edge x-ray guidance and stem cell harvesting with innovative technology centrifuge tools. The concentrated stem cell solution is then reinjected back into the afflicted, degenerated, or diseased part of your body using fluoroscopy and ultrasound guidance.

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Services Offered

Dr. Sen leads a team of experts in offering high-quality services. Available treatment options include:

  •       Injections Specialist- Living with chronic pain can be detrimental to your health and overall life’s quality. Luckily, Dev Sen, MD, the lead physician at Prime Regenerative and Pain Management, offers a full range of efficient injectable treatments to grant lasting relief.
  •       Low Back Pain Specialist- Pain in the lower back hinders mobility and affects your daily duties. If you are tired of recurring lower back pain, Dev Sen, MD’s methods can help you recuperate. Contact the practice today for cutting-edge treatments.
  •       Neck Pain Specialist- Neck pain is among the most common health conditions. This condition is both excruciating and disabling. Contact Prime Regenerative and Pain Management for an expert diagnosis of your pain’s root cause and a successful treatment plan.
  •       Shoulder Pain Specialist- When your muscles and joints are under strain, you will likely develop shoulder pain. For this condition, you need to act swiftly before your condition advances. If you experience persistent pain in your shoulder areas, contact Dr. Dev for diagnosis and treatment before your condition worsens.
  •       Arthritis Specialist- A large percentage of individuals suffer from different kinds of arthritis within the states. This condition causes unbearable pains and may leave you incapacitated. If you encounter this situation, Prime Regenerative and Pain Management can help.
  •       Sciatica Specialist- Sciatica pain brings about reduced mobility and intense discomforts. If you experience a sharp, shooting pain from your lower back down your leg, schedule an appointment with Dev Sen, MD, for professional diagnosis and treatment of sciatica.
  •       Regenerative Medicine Specialist- Regenerative medicine refers to an innovative and practical treatment alternative for chronic pain. The method uses the body’s natural healing processes to foster the repair of damaged tissues. Contact Prime Regenerative and Pain Management to learn how you can benefit from regenerative medicine.

To attain optimal health and stay on top of your productivity, you should take the necessary precautions of seeking expert help before your condition worsens. If you encounter any pains in your body, schedule a consultation with Prime Regenerative and Pain Management for lasting remedies.