A missing tooth can make you self conscious while eating, smiling, and talking. Not only that, it can also give birth to oral health issues as well. But given the present advancements in dental treatments and the innovation of various technological updates, a dental implant procedure can effortlessly give you a replacement tooth which feels and functions similarly as the original tooth. However, since a dental implant can be a big decision for you, it is better to know a few things before considering a dental implant. So, what are the few points to consider? Read on.

A dental implant – What is it?

An implant is the name of the procedure where an artificial tooth’s ‘root’ is placed inside your mouth through a short surgical process, as per the Academy of General Dentistry. The artificial tooth is made of titanium and bone-like ceramic materials which are perfectly adaptable to your jaw and the implants fuse with your bone in order to support a bridge, crown or full denture. The American Academy of Periodontology says that there are 2 kinds of implants, an endosteal implant and a subperiosteal implant.

Dental implants and few benefits

  • They make you look good: You must be wondering that dentures are also a good option but as long as implants are concerned, they are aesthetically better than dentures and bridges. They always stay at the right place and they look like real teeth. The effect is such that you may even forget that you lost a tooth.
  • They save teeth around them: Since dental implants are never anchored to the teeth that lie just next to them, they even retain the original integrity of your healthy teeth. There won’t be any further decay of your other teeth.
  • They give you self confidence: With the perfect dentures, you get back your lost self-confidence to laugh and speak in front of everybody. You won’t have to worry about the noise created by dentures or the risk of slipping off. Your implants will stay put firmly for decades.
  • They are extremely stable: You won’t require worrying about misplacing the implants, as you would have to with dentures. Unlike bridges, you would even not have to change them a number of times.

How do you know whether you’re an ideal candidate for an implant?

If you have healthy gums, you would have enough strength to support a dental implant but you also need to have good health. Before the actual dental implant procedure, your jawbone could be built-up in case the doctor thinks that your bone height is not perfect to support an implant. Besides, if you have few chronic illnesses like leukaemia or diabetes, this can interfere with the process of healing of an implant.

Deciding whether or not you should get a dental implant is something which needs ample discussion with your dental professional. He will take few x-rays, determine the history of your health and watchfully examine your mouth to get all the required information. For more information on dental implants, you may visit pittsburghdentalimplants.com.