Our foot is the part of the body that is under maximum stress for the longest duration of time every day. It has to bear all of the body weight as we walk around, run or jog. Even when we are relaxing in a mall or a sports ground, our foot is not relaxing; it has to carry on. But do we really take care of it as much as is needed? Often we overlook the need to rest our feet and hence end up getting foot pain in the long run.

Is foot injury limited to sportspersons?

Contrary to the beliefs, foot pain is not only restricted to the athletes. Yes, they are the ones most prone to foot injuries as they have a super-active life on field. However, normal guys can also catch some foot injury and pain over time and age.

Think of the women post menopause and getting older. They face calcium deficiency in their bodies during this time. This affects the bones making them brittle. Since the bones form a major part of the legs, hence the elderly women get exposed to foot pain and injuries.

The same is the case with ageing males as well. For such people who are not athletes, there has to be a place to go for foot pain treatment that is effective as well as low on cost. Most importantly, here the people coming in must get relaxation and cure in the least bit of time.

Foot massage

Approaches to treating foot injuries

Our feet are full of bones and muscles along with important joints. In order to treat foot pain, regular massaging is important besides physiotherapy. Medicines can help in reducing the pain but for an effective treatment, one has to either increase the rate of repairing of the muscle and bone cells in the foot or decrease the rate of decaying of the existing ones.

For either to be achieved not only medicines are enough; one must have regular massaging as well. This can help increase the blood flow to the t          issues along with an increased volume of fresh oxygen. As a result, the existing cells get their aerobic oxidation increased superseding the anaerobic one which is harmful. This can reduce the decaying of the existing cells.

At the same time, the cells that are repairing themselves are also helped; they can rejuvenate at a greater speed with an increased combustion due to the availability of extra oxygen. Almost all kinds of foot pain ranging from Achilles tendonitis, plantar fascilitis, ankle instability and sprain, and heel pain.

How to contact

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