Get Ready for Oral Surgery: Top 6 Points to Consider

Get Ready for Oral Surgery: Top 6 Points to Consider

Oral surgery can be a frightening experience. The dentist will numb the specific area and then cut away at your gums to remove a tooth or a tumour growing inside your mouth. It may not sound pleasant, but you need to take some time before the dentist Coorparoo appointment, so you don’t show up stressed or unprepared.

Here are 6 points you should consider, preparing yourself for oral surgery.

  1. It is essential to understand the reasons for your procedure. Ensure you schedule time with a dentist or oral surgeon so they can answer all these questions, find out what risks might come from having it done and discuss any benefits as well.
  2. Make sure you have a ride if needed for sedation, including nitrous oxide and anaesthetic, which affects judgment, making it unsafe to operate the car after anaesthesia is given. Thus, ask your friend or family member who can drive home instead of taking a cab alone waiting at the doctor’s office.
  3. It might be hard to get a ride home after an operation, but don’t worry. Your friends and family can give you one if no one knows where safe to drive (or public transportation) in town. If all else fails, look at the doctor’s office waiting room as they may have someone who needs just that wait there until it’s OKAY TO DRIVE.
  4. Wear a sleeveless top so nurses can monitor you during surgery, and let your arms be bare to keep them at an easy-to-read level. A safe sedation procedure should not negatively affect our voice or affect how we articulate words properly. Therefore, wearing short sleeves will help with vital signs taking and giving injections in IVs if needed.
  5. When you have your appointment with the dentist, be sure to bring a box. Place dentures or temporary plates in there, so they don’t get mixed up on accident during procedure time and store anything removable bridgework afterwards, like crowns.
  6. Give yourself time to make sure you are as calm-and collected-as possible on the big day, before work begins! Arrive at least 20 minutes early, so there is plenty of preparation for what’s ahead, even if something unexpected comes up last minute.

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During pre-procedure, nurses will take your vital signs. If you have questions about the procedure that is still on your mind before we get started today, then now would be an excellent time for them to ask.


The proper preparation can make oral surgery easier, so knowing what will happen before your appointment is essential. You should start the process ahead of time and have all questions answered by a dentist experienced in this type of procedure. In addition, a little research goes far when planning for any health need.

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